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Top Tips for Picking Out the Best Home Office Printer

As more of us work or school from home, the demand for a home/office printer has grown. Whatever your reason is for needing a printer, you won’t have any trouble finding one. Printers haven’t evolved much in recent years; they’ve simply grown more efficient and less costly.

There are so many choices, so it’s a good idea to think about what you want before clicking “purchase” on your preferred buying site.

What It’s Being Used for

Considering what you want to do with the printer might help you decide on whether to get a laser or inkjet one. If colour isn’t significant to you, it’s an easier decision. A laser one is less expensive and speedier. However, if you want to print off artwork in colour or the occasional snapshot, you’ll most likely need an inkjet.

Input/Output Trays

Most modern office printers pull paper in from the front, run it around the drum, and then put it into the output tray. This is how most printers work now. If you’re printing on heavier paper, you don’t want to bend the paper. If you want a printer with an input tray from the back, you may want to look for one with that tray.

Some printers also let you have more than one paper tray in front of them. For example, you can choose different colours of paper, or one tray can hold letter-sized paper, and the other holds legal-sized paper.

Your input and output trays should also hold a certain number of sheets of paper, so you need to know how many. If you want to print a manuscript, you don’t want a printer that can only print 50 pages at a time. You could end up with paper all over your floor.


Nowadays, many more printers can duplex, which means they can print on both sides of a single page. Not all inexpensive printers can print on both sides of the paper. As someone who often prints and wants to save money on paper, this is very useful. You can print on both sides with most printers, but you’ll have to do it by hand.

Wireless Connectivity

When you buy a printer, make sure it can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, NFC, and/or Wi-Fi. Make sure it works with the computer or mobile device you plan to use with it. If you have an Apple product, check if your printer can print with Apple AirPrint. As a Chromebook user, check to ensure it works with Chrome OS by going to the manufacturer’s site.

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