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How to select the best background check service for you?

Choosing a background check service is an important decision when you need to conduct employment screening, tenant screening, or simply want to learn more about someone in your personal life. With many options to choose from, selecting the right service for your needs is a daunting task. The first step is outlining why you need background check services and what specific information you want the checks to uncover. Common background check needs include,

  • Employment screening of job candidates
  • Tenant screening for rental properties
  • Personal background checks for dating, nannies, and coaches
  • Business partner screens

Your intended purpose will dictate the type of checks and features needed. Employment screens require services with tools meeting FCRA and EEOC compliance for fair hiring. Tenant screening services should check previous evictions, rental history, and sex offender status. Narrow down must-have check types and report formats before comparing companies.

Verify compliance standards

The best background check companies adhere to legal compliance standards and rules. These regulations cover report accuracy, consumer privacy, and non-discrimination. Check that companies obtain county court record searches legally and run identity verifications to prevent mix-ups. For employment screening, look for compliance to avoid discriminatory hiring practices. Companies should clearly explain dispute resolution policies too.

Compare background check turnaround times 

Faster turnaround equals quicker hiring or tenant placement decisions. Turnaround time depends on factors like automation level, court runner reach, and queue management efficiency. Average turnaround times range from instant to 5 business days for most checks, while some court searches take 10 to 15 days. Compare check speeds when evaluating providers. Companies with legal court runner networks provide the fastest public records searches.

Assess pricing models 

Background check services offer flat fees per check, package pricing, and monthly subscriptions. Evaluate pricing models to find the most economical fit. Large-volume customers usually benefit from unlimited check plans or discounted bulk packages. Individual applicants or occasional checks are more affordable with pay-as-you-go pricing.

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Reputable companies openly display third-party rating scores online from sources. This transparency enables you to efficiently assess real customer experiences instead of relying just on marketing claims. Favor companies with overall ratings of at least 4 out of 5 stars and check for any concerning complaints. Watch for glowing 5-star reviews too since these can be manipulative. Genuine mixed ratings of around 4 stars indicate authentic feedback.

Evaluate mobile app convenience

Today’s top background check companies provide mobile apps for iOS and Android. Mobile access enables on-the-go application submission, real-time completion notifications and check result reviews. Handy features like built-in document scanning from phones simplify workflows. Evaluate mobile app convenience when comparing providers.

Sophisticated automation in areas like identity verification, applications, adjudication workflows, and report checks reduce human errors and speed processes. Look for machine learning algorithms that confirm applicant identities, surface discrepancy risks, and process results to reduce manual efforts. Companies with advanced automation provide a competitive edge. Make sure automation includes necessary fraud prevention too without going overboard on complex protocols. Streamlined, mobile-responsive experiences are still vital.

Choose services aligned with company values 

Today’s companies promote various social causes from diversity hiring support to environmental responsibility initiatives. Seek out providers that share and uphold values important to your organization. Responsible companies aim for checks that avoid contributing to societal inequalities while opening economic access and second chances where merited. Examine what specific actions back any boldly stated values before taking marketing statements at face value. Investing due diligence into provider choice pays dividends through more informed, ethical decisions.

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