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Better Consumption At The Office: What Means?

Consuming better at the office like small office space for rent for example is everyone’s business. Of course, it is entirely possible to do so. A company must make employees adhere to a set of habits and processes to see convincing results. Ultimately, it’s about developing the same habits and automatisms everyone has at home.

For example:

  • turn off a place once left, its computer and tools after use
  • do not abuse the heating or air conditioning
  • close the taps
  • reduce prints
  • or sorting waste for the more experienced

We have reflected on a set of slightly more telling best practices to reduce its ecological footprint daily. Let’s look together at a set of practices to put in place:

The recycling

Better Consumption At The Office: Reducing Paper Consumption

We know it seems boring as said that, but recycling remains one of the most effective energy-saving solutions. And imagine that it is possible to recycle many more things than you think, to give a second life to products that have already been used. Almost everything can be recycled, from paper, old desks (wood, plastic), CDs, toners, and cartridges to cigarette butts.


Proved! Except for long distances, taking your vehicle is not as useful, efficient, and environmentally friendly. For better consumption, it is possible to use carpooling. Especially in the case, for example, where several colleagues make the same journey to get to their place of work. Another alternative would be public transport (bus, metro, tram). These act as real transport alternatives. Walking, cycling or scootering for short trips can be interesting for the sportiest and most sensitive to rush hour.


If your function allows it, what could be more interesting than teleworking? It has already proven to be more effective and can accommodate both the company and the employee in question when we know that each year in France, 9 million pollutants are emitted into the air by human activities and that, on average, an employee travels 26 km on the journey leading him from his home to his place of work.


Today we know coworking like 620 N LaSalle offices and co-working spaces for example for its federation of skills and its values ​​of sharing and pooling resources. Rooms and equipment included. This implies a reduction in the energy consumed and the ecological footprint in many respects.

Office Search: What To Do Before Signing

Before Signing: Negotiate The Contract, As Far As Is Reasonable

Before signing the lease, the final step: is the rigorous reading of the contract. Remember to study all its terms and conditions carefully. When it corresponds to the average rents practiced in the same sector (and for the same services), the rent is generally not negotiable.

Contract Signing

Nevertheless, you can always discuss this with the lessor. For example, you can ask him to include certain additional services in the lease or to carry out certain work on the premises.

You can also negotiate the rent for an adjoining parking space (which also belongs to the lessor), reduce the period of notice, request a reduction in charges, or even a rent exemption to carry out work at your expense. Accompaniment by an office real estate professional is particularly important in this step; remember to surround yourself well.

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