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What must you know about internet communication?

Also recognized as IC, Internal communication is referred to as a group comprising tools or processes that remain liable for effectual information collaboration amongst participants present within an organization. The process of internal communication includes communication between management and employees and top management. For ensuring that your employees have understood the mission statement of your company, you need to have transparent and open communication. Again, everyone must be aligned well with the values of your company. Internal communication is also vital to break down the silos of an organization.

Kinds of tools used in internal communication

Some common internal communication tools are:

  • Intranets – An intranet happens to be a private network which is linked through the web and is intended for working as a centralized channel meant for internal communications. Here, employees gather, access, and share information. Most often, an intranet is utilized in the form of only one point where employees can remain linked with the happenings of a company.
  • Digital signage – Digital signage includes placing screens in some strategic positions and it is a lesser-known tool for communication within a workplace. It is also known as one of the passive processes of internal communication.
  • Instant messaging tool – This tool permits people to have communication fast and also send messages of photos, text, weblinks, and videos to other individuals within an organization. The instant messaging tool is considered a more natural and faster method of communication, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Collaboration tool – The collaboration tool permits more than a person to have access to sharing a project. This tool is also helpful for adding notes, feedback, and proposing sign-off. Several modern collaboration tools permit many users to access them simultaneously and also propose features required for tracking changes and saving various versions.
  • Employee social network – The ESNs are comparatively new tools used for internal communication. These can be spin-offs from some common social media network, such as Facebook by Work. At times, it can be a standalone platform too, like Yammer.

What is meant by workflow automation?

Workflow automation is acknowledged as a technology that utilizes some rule-based logic for automating manual work, such as lead nurturing and data entry. When you leverage self-operating methods that run manual jobs, then workflow automation does help businesses in saving money and time. Additionally, it also boosts productivity besides lessening errors.

Departments that get benefitted from workflow automation

Nearly every department does benefit a lot from workflow automation, like human resources, marketing, and finance.

  • Human Resources – When people use HR automation software they can get the job of entering new hires’ personal info, like social security numbers, addresses, and other employee info into insurance systems, expenses, and payroll in some minutes.
  • Marketing – You can automate some repetitive jobs, like posting social media updates and sending emails smoothly by using workflow automation. Additionally, it helps in setting up workflows which nurture some kinds of prospects.
  • Finance – Workflow automation software also helps people in designing workflows, building forms, and tracking processes. Additionally, it helps in streamlining people’s travel requests, budget approvals, and reimbursements.

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