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Using Messenger Chatbots as Alternative to Chatbot4u

Chatbot4u was a platform that let businesses and individuals build bots. However, the website is no longer available. Also, chatbot4u let users rate chatbots build by other community members using a CSAT style star system. High ratings were given to chatbots that delivered a good user experience.

The departure of the platform has led to the birth of many alternatives including those that make it possible to use a chatbot that can be published directly to an existing social media messaging platform like Facebook messanger.

Facebook Messenger chatbots can be used to help businesses stay in touch with their customers. A chatbot is interactive software that utilizes artificial intelligence to respond to chat in a conversational way. Businesses that have made a chatbot for their Facebook page will let customers type questions into a chat window and get prepared content that answers their questions.

Keep reading to know how to use messenger chatbots as an alternative to chatbot 4 u:

Improving Customer Service

Messenger chatbots are used for increasing conversions. The use of automated messaging guarantees to offer possible customers an immediate response to any questions they may have. Giving great customer service is important to up your business’ conversion rates and sets you apart from your competitors. When you build a chatbot, ensure you consider FAQs set to your business and offer a means through which people can find answers to them.

Build Brand Awareness

Bots can be used for letting people know about your company and what it does. This is an excellent way to capture the interest of current and possible customers. Chatbot 4 u let you convey your brand in a way that appeals to your target audience, qualifying people and moving them down your sales funnel. Brand awareness can be directly engaged as part of your bot conversation. For instance, you can use it when letting people about a recent event.

Encourage Product Page Visits

After you warm your audience up, it’s time to direct them to your product page. But, you must make it feel natural and conversational and not like a sales pitch. An alternative is to add a shop button to the menu; however, well-organized conversation works well.

Know How to Write Chatbot Messages

If you know how to use bots to boost your conversions, you must also know how to create effective messages. Make sure your bot only has less than three messages in a row without asking a question or giving options for a person to respond with. Keep in mind that messenger bots must be conversational so ensure you only offer two sentences per message.

Moreover, chatbots must be less formal than other methods of communication. Consider adding emojis because this can make people’s experience more fun and friendlier while minimizing the need for a lot of words. Also, think about using breaks between messages. Do not use big blocks of text or swamp users with multiple messages after one another. You can do this by introducing breaks into your conversation.

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