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Securing Your Home: Why Choose A PVC Door?

The front door is the first rampart of your home. It is then necessary to look beyond the aesthetic aspect and opt for a robust and efficient material. PVC responds well to this need. It is a synthetic material highly prized for its strength and durability. It is also one of the most affordable joinery materials on the market. You are choosing a reliable and solid closing solution by opting for a PVC entrance door. Some manufacturers add steel reinforcements to PVC joinery to provide an increased level of security. This makes it possible to have high-performance doors that can last more than 15 minutes against the attacks of an experienced burglar.

In addition, PVC entry doors protect your home without forcing you to sacrifice aesthetics and comfort. They come in a wide range of designs, from the most classic to the most contemporary. Lovers of the classic and refined wood design can even order a PVC entrance door that imitates wood. It should also be noted that PVC is very easy to maintain and retains its clean appearance for a long time. It is also a very good thermal insulator.

How To Choose Your PVC Door?

To choose a professional quality PVC entrance door, here are the criteria you must take into account:

  • PVC quality
  • The layout
  • Thickness

For obvious reasons of durability, it is important to opt for a door made with top-quality PVC sold offline or on website. The layout depends on your specific needs and the configuration of your opening. You can choose between a single door, a classic 2-leaf door or a third one. The door’s thickness must be at least 70 mm to provide optimal security and insulation. Below, its performance will be reduced.

Screen Your Front Door

Shielding is ideal if you don’t want to replace your current door. The operation consists of installing a steel armor plate on the existing door to reinforce and increase its resistance. A front door can resist crowbar attacks when well armored, which is not the case with simple wooden doors, for example. Moreover, if you armor your door and equip it with multipoint locks, it will be impossible for even an experienced burglar to open it suddenly. Armor is also a great deterrent, as many burglars prefer to turn around when they come across a door reinforced with sheet metal armor.

Install High-Security Locks With Multipoint Locking

The security offered by an entrance door with Doorbird Intercoms Installer for example is not only based on its robustness but also on the type of lock it is equipped with. Therefore, you must consider replacing your lock if it cannot resist break-in attempts adequately.

Most often, A2P-certified high-security locks are recommended for optimal protection. They generally include between 3 and 5 locking points. Go for a 3-star model to benefit from the best standard in securing locks. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to call a locksmith to guide you in your choice.

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