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How to Move Musical Instruments Safely

Every musical instrument is different in size and handling, and it isn’t very easy to provide general guidance as each instrument requires its own set of guidelines to move it safely. Here we will discuss the best practices and general tips which will help you move your instruments safely, without damaging them. Transporting musical instruments through professional packers is not an expensive proposition; there are many affordable movers in Toronto.

  • Pack the instruments in proper boxes

The tip is self-explanatory, but we must emphasize that all efforts must be taken from your end to protect the instruments. If you can keep the musical instruments in their original boxes, it will go a long way to make sure that they are properly and securely packed before the move. However, if you do not have access to the original boxes, you can ask for packs from the local instrument boxes or even purchase it from them! You would need hard cases in proper sizes to pack in the percussion instruments to not be damaged during the shifting.

  • Use the right amount of padding.

One must put in as much as possible around the instrument’s edges so that the musical instrument does not receive any scratches or dents. The breakage usually occurs in the instrument’s sharper edges, and particular emphasis must be made to protect these sharp edges. The instruments always have an adequate amount of hollow spaces, so these are spaces where you can use maximum padding.

  • Steps to take during and after the movement

If you are transporting through any of the best movers in Toronto then it is a good idea to call up them first and find out about their services in moving musical instruments. Some of the best moving companies in Toronto are more accommodating than others and are willing to do extra to ensure that your musical instruments are safely transported. Before you pack in the instruments, make sure all the strings are loosened in case of stringed instruments. When you arrive at the final destination, please do not play the instruments for at least 24 hours to get quickly acclimatized to the temperature at the new home.

  • Planning is essential

Every major job requires a lot of planning. The same theory applies to the concept of moving musical instruments from one place to another. You cannot call the packers one fine morning and ask them to shift the musical instruments, thereby giving them no chance to offer you the best service. So plan the movement correctly and find out which things like instruments require special planning and make a list of those.


Professional and dedicated moving companies like Let’s Get Moving have their policies to move musical instruments. You need to call them beforehand and learn about the policies and protocols in place when it comes to moving your precious musical instruments. The whole exercise is very stressful, but it becomes a lot easier when you take the moving companies’ services. They are very dedicated and will assist you at every step and relieve your stress.

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