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How to Find the Best Virgin Hair Supplier

Before starting your hair extensions business, you need to have a reliable hair supplier. As such, there are many factors to look at before investing in a supplier who sells hair extensions. It’s worth noting that picking a reliable vendor who sells virgin hair bundles like Harlem Hair Company is not easy. But, if you follow the following tips below, you can avoid disappointments and losing money. To find the best hair supplier you need to;

Do Some Research

When searching for a supplier to work with, it’s best to have some information on each one as it will help in the long run. Start by researching some potential suppliers around. Shortlist them into a smaller number based on the information you gather. Check their years of services, and client’s feedback and reviews. The best supplier takes their business seriously, which is represented in the information they provide on their websites. The content should show their level of expertise in dealing with and supplying virgin hair.

Acquaint Yourself with the Vendor

It helps if you had a vendor you are comfortable with. Try sending them an email or giving them a call; this way, you can learn a few things about them, like how they respond to customers. Through this interaction, you can also gather information about their willingness to work with you as you grow your business. This is an excellent part; so if you notice any red flags such as poor responses, then move on to the next supplier. The ideal vendor should be trustworthy, easy to communicate with, and one whose quality of service matches their cost.

Know the Company’s Fine Print

What are the company’s terms of sale? A good supplier offers all this information on their website, including the returns and refund information. You must know who you are working with and what their term and conditions are. If such information is not provided on their site, you may want to look for another vendor. Always choose transparency.

Ask For Samples

Weigh the company’s quality. A suitable means to do this is to ask for some samples from them. The pieces should compose of wavy and straight hair. Try out the piece, apply some dyes, style it, wash it to test its quality. If the samples provided are of quality, then you can order from the company. However, start with a small order because some companies may use the samples as a disguise.

Consider the Payment Method

Choose a secure payment method such as PayPal and Western Union. These channels offer security on all transactions. They also provide a helpful dispute resolution process if disputes were to occur between the quality ordered and the quality delivered.

Stick to Your Business Plan

Lastly, have a business plan. If you are opening a small hair extensions business, then go for a supplier who deals with small-scale supplies. Similarly, if you are opening a large hair business, choose a supplier who will match your order capacity.

The best supplier in any business should be trustworthy and transparent. And that applies to suppliers in the hair extensions industry. Your chosen supplier should offer ample information about their company and the hair products they deliver. Choose a suitable payment method that is good for your business plan. Lastly, the company’s product should meet the sample quality they provide.

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