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Five types of security doors to protect your business

The world has gone global, and so has business. With this, the need for security has increased. Keeping a security guard with surveillance cameras and guns will not do the trick; you need to secure your own business by installing added security doors such as the ones from NGF Industrial Doors. For any business, the entrance and exit doors are most important because that is the way for clients and customers to enter and exit the vicinity. That is also the place where most of the thefts happen.

So, the question is, what to do? Will secured windows and barriers do the work? If the answer is no, the best is to install security doors on both sides to ensure the items you have inside(sentence doesn’t make sense). But what kind of door do you need? Let us see how many types of security doors are available for this purpose.

What are security doors?

Security doors are most commonly known as storm doors(?). Many shops have only one exit, and hence it is most important to secure the shop front, so people tend to install either bar, industrial doors, or shut the shutter off. These doors come in metal such as iron and steel or wood. Both are workable in certain circumstances. Usually, metal doors are pretty standard as they do not break easily.

Types of security doors for your business:

No business is complete without a proper door. You might install a simple door without thinking about the ramifications and impacts it could have on your business later. The different kinds of doors can save a lot for your business. Hence, it would be best if you choose wisely.

All commercial doors are different so let us understand what type of doors are the best today.

  1. Automatic lock system:

These commercial automatics are considered one of the finest in their field. People manufacture these doors for the sole purpose of securing the shops and offices with warehouses. These automatic doors are made of iron and steel and come with a mechanical lock system that is pre-manufactured and built in a factory. These doors act as a gateway between commercial and private space and serve as an entryway. These doors have locks on both sides, so you can either open or close from both sides and upon release, the door will lock automatically.

  1. Keypad doors:

You must have seen in the movies that particular doors operate through a keypad. You need to punch in the numbers as a private key, and voila! The door opens, and you can either enter or exit. There are specific reasons why these doors are quite a in demand. First, it is convenient and easy to use. Second, the electronic lock is more potent, so it isn’t easy to break. Thirdly, you cannot pick the lock, such as in traditional safety and critical systems. If you have a large volume of people using that door, you can customize the access. With the keypad system, only a limited number of people can have access.

  1. Mesh doors:

There are certain areas where the weather is quite harsh. You need to have space for air circulation combined with the safety of your business. Here, the mesh doors come in handy. You may think that it would not protect you, but these doors are steel, so they cannot be ripped or broken. It allows fresh air to circulate while keeping the items new. Furthermore, you will have a place free of bugs. These doors, along withindustrial doors, are best in combination for long-term use.

  1. Laser doors:

You may think it is a fantasy to have laser doors with colorful beams securing the entrance and exit. These types of doors are less used as the security features are pretty complex. These doors are suitable for substantial commercial business spaces and areas where high security is required, and only guards are inefficient. These doors come in pre-made templates, or you can customize them according to your needs.

  1. Double doors:

Many people prefer double screening. The sliding doors are combined with French doors and mesh iron rods. This double security is most similar to a single security door as many facilities require added protection. One serves as the main door and the other as a secondary door. These doors come in a wide variety and exciting designs. Most of these doors are known for warehouses and variety stores.


Security is necessary everywhere, be it shops, offices, or commercial buildings. It is highly appropriate to install commercial safety doors for all areas in the entrance and exit to store the items present there. One should have an industrial door as a priority as these doors are the best and safest. With that, make sure to install the latest technology and maintain the secured lock system as it is the only way to ensure your business, big or small.

These doors not only protect from introducers but protect businesses from harsh weather. Having a good door will give you peace of mind as no weather can disrupt your business. Select from the various shapes and sizes available. It is better to install it is secured firmly with hinges and locks. Do some research and get quotations from the best manufacturers in town. Ask other people in business and see what works best.

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