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Employment Agencies Toronto: How Many Types Do You Know?

The job market nowadays is a cut-throat affair, and if you are not proactive, you may never get your dream job. Being proactive means understanding different types of employment agencies Toronto and knowing which one you can utilise in your job search. That also applies to companies anticipating to use these job agencies to look for the best talents in the market to fill various positions in the company.

However, when choosing the right employment agency, there are various aspects you should look at, such as your experience, location, your flexibility, and area of specialisation and whether you are ready to move from your area if you get a job that is not within your area. And of course, your skillset. If you ponder about the listed aspects, you will be able to get the right employment agencies Toronto to use in your job quest. Here are various agencies and what they do.

  1. Traditional Agencies.

Traditional employment agencies Toronto has been there for years and are possibly the oldest job agencies. They work for both the interest of a job searcher and the client companies.

Some agencies offer services in specific fields such as in IT, human resource, legal, sales, and marketing, medical, etc. these agencies shouldn’t charge you since they are paid by the companies that hire them, so do your homework before choosing a particular agency.

  1. Contingency Job Agencies.

A contingency job agency is only paid for its services when the employer hires their candidate. Some will ask you to pay upfront for the services offered. So before you register with any company, you would want to know who will be eligible for fees payment.

These recruitment companies usually offer job search services to low and middle-class job searchers. As such, they usually deliver thousands of applications to various employers. The competition is usually stiff since you are more likely that you are competing with other job applicants who applied through other channels such as job boards, HR department, etc.

  1. Executive Search.

These firms are normally utilised by the companies that need to fill top-level positions, normally senior levels and executive positions.  Typically referred to as head-hunters, they approach high qualified candidates who sometimes are already working in other institutions and are not looking for jobs. When they manage to get them, they interview them and then send them to the HR department manager in the client company. The head-hunters are paid regardless of whether the person receives the employment or not.

  1. Temp Agencies.

A temp job agency looks typically for people to accomplish specific or general tasks for a given period. Most companies need temp workers to work during times of high production or when an employee has left the job due to illness or leave vacation.

Nowadays, employment agencies Toronto have positions for temp-to-hire where the candidate gets full employment after three to six months. However, this subject to the satisfaction of the company with the employee’s work accomplishments.

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