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Does Setting Up A Virtual Store Using A Free E-Commerce System Work?

We are already more than 30 million recurring buyers in virtual stores. And if the forecast is for total growth, why can’t micro and small companies participate in this moment of prosperity?

One reason may be the cost. Setting up a successful virtual store in the world has a high cost compared to setting up a physical store, but this cost makes the e-commerce project unfeasible for some entrepreneurs. To circumvent this obstacle, there are the options of free virtual stores. But does a free online store work?

Ecommerce digital marketing services believe that a free online store project does not exist. And why do I think that way? Despite the costs of technology being more and more accessible and getting cheaper and cheaper, everything continues to have a price. Storage space, connection link, security maintenance and systems backup, technology updates, equipment becoming obsolete, among other technical details that involve an e-commerce operation.

But what about the systems that offer the free online store, with hosting and everything? Yes, this option exists and can be valid in many cases where the entrepreneur still does not know the entering market. The investment budget is low or nonexistent, and a free online store solution becomes a great option.

Of course, the system will have several limitations of functionality, it will hardly be friendly to search engines like Google and Yahoo, it will not have a customized layout according to the company’s visual identity, and probably the store will be just another one in a sea already so saturated with fish. But it is still an initial option.

However, the cost of an e-commerce platform is only the beginning of the project. In addition to the online store system, we have to think about visual updates to promote promotions and inform customers about new products in the online store.

And after the online store is online, we have constantly updated banners. Is our price the best on the market? What is missing? Yes, dear friend, customers are lacking. And where are they? More than 90% of internet users in Brazil use Google to conduct their searches, and this is where the highest investments for a virtual store begin: advertising.

The most important thing is undoubtedly promoting the online store, making it easier for your customers to find your products wherever they are, and that involves a good investment, be it money with sponsored links or Facebook Ads, hiring an agency to use the techniques of organic optimization (SEO) or time where you can search for information and work the digital marketing of your e-commerce.

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