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Creating The Perfect Office Environment To Help Improve Prodcutivity

Whatever the reasons for relocating your business, it has presented you with an exciting opportunity to create a modern contemporary workplace where your staff can thrive, and your company can go from strength to strength in the future. Before setting out on your office fit-out project, it is important to think about what you want to achieve and set your budget at an acceptable level. Appointing a project manager is also a great idea; they can manage the day-to-day running of the refit and liaise with your chosen installation specialist, leaving you to run the business.

Initial Project Research

As well as your vision for the project, it might be helpful to conduct brainstorming sessions with your staff; this can identify their needs and may also introduce great ideas you might include in your final design brief. The internet is a wealth of available information; searching for ‘office fit-out Cirencester or something similar will produce a list of local fit-out specialists; take some time to view their websites, making notes of any products or systems you might include. This search might also produce a supplier partner for your project; further investigation on consumer websites will give you a good idea of how well their services are rated by their previous clients.

Areas Of the Office

All these steps will help you and your project manager compile a comprehensive design brief for your office refit; let’s now take a look at the major components of a modern office environment –

  • Décor – selecting a suitable colour scheme in uplifting tones when combined with artwork and green planting can create an encouraging environment where staff are happy and productive.
  • Lighting – the importance of natural light cannot be understated; its links with staff well-being are now well known, and glass partitions can allow the flow of light through the office. Modern Led lighting can now produce the same effects if natural light is unavailable.
  • Floorplan – partitioning systems are available to suit any budget; used effectively, they can divide the workplace into suitable flexible work areas. Their acoustic performance can protect specific areas where noise is a problem.
  • Furniture – modern ergonomically designed office furniture can perform a double function of being part of the overall aesthetic outlook while also being highly functional for employees.
  • Office Infrastructure – improving your IT, increasing the amount of data and electrical sockets, and upgrading other office equipment will make your staff happier and ensure your company runs more efficiently.
  • Staff Areas – specific spaces for your staff to re-energise during their downtime are crucial; design breakrooms and kitchens as relaxing areas where this can happen.

This is by no means a complete list; go through your plans from floor to ceiling until both you and your project manager are happy with your design brief. When you’ve progressed to discussions with your chosen refit specialists, use their experience and expertise in what works well and amend your design brief where necessary.

I hope I’ve given you some valuable information for your upcoming office refit project; when completed, you’ll have a modern, aesthetically pleasing office that will be an asset for your business for years to come.

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