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Cerebral Palsy- Challenges Facing Families Affected By CP, Prevention Measures and How to Cope

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a cluster of disorders that impact a person’s mobility, maintaining posture, and balance. According to statistics, CP is the most common motor disability among children. It also poses a lot of challenges to both the patients and their families. This Cerebral Palsy Guide offers in-depth information on the condition, some of the financial challenges that come with it, and how you can positively cope with the disorder.

Financial Hardships That Come With the Disorder

Families affected with Cerebral Palsy often face an army of challenges financially, emotionally, and mentally. These problems include:

  • High Cost of Treatment– CP is incurable, but patients depend on particular medications and therapies to reduce the discomfort, boost the child’s independence, and make the condition a bit manageable. According to CDC, these treatments can even total close to $1 million, which is very costly.
  • Special Equipment– CP patients can’t maintain posture or balance. As a result, they need special equipment, like walking aids, to help them move. These tools are quite costly and add to the family’s financial woes.
  • Special Care– In the case of severe CP disorder, the patient may at one time require special care from a professional, which may be costly.

What Can You do to Prevent the Condition?

It isn’t clear what causes cerebral palsy. However, scientists suggest some risk factors that could lead to the condition. As a result, there are measures you can take while pregnant, during a child’s birth, and within the first few years as their brain develops to minimize the attack’s chances.

Measures such as practicing healthy pregnancy, acquiring vaccination against complications like rubella, and avoiding toxic substances like tobacco and alcohol can minimize the risks. Similarly, good child safety practices and early continuous prenatal care can also reduce the chances of damage. Also, reduce exposure to viruses either while pregnant and treating jaundice in infants can also help.

Positive Ways of Overcoming Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy pushes affected families to the walls both financially and emotionally. Caring for a child suffering from this condition isn’t an easy task, and it breaks parents to see their kids suffer. There’s always the question of, “What could I have done to save the situation?” Well, most times, it isn’t the parent to blame.

However, you bear the burden, and the biggest one that befalls you is funding your child’s treatment. If you can’t afford it, there are several organizations offering funds for people in the situation. Also, get a professional to help you determine if a doctor’s negligence is the cause of your child’s condition and file a lawsuit.

How To File A Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

Research shows that 10-15% of CP complications are a result of medical negligence and malpractices. Thus, you have a legal right to file a lawsuit and receive compensation if you feel a doctor could be responsible for your ordeal. However, these cases are notorious, and you need to prepare for it. Finding a competent cerebral palsy lawyer to investigate the matter and represent you in court is one way of guaranteeing case success.

The compensation can go a long way into subsidizing the financial problems that come with the condition. Also, look out for organizations that offer financial support and seek help.

Tips on Coping with the Disorder

You can’t turn the wheels of time and make the child well, but you can change your mindset and look at the bright side of the situation. Caring for your child can be so overwhelming. Consider joining online, and offline groups of parents going through the same ordeal and cerebral palsy support organizations and lean on them for backing and advice.

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