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Advantages of Holding a Virtual Hiring Event

 Over the years, hiring events were held in specific locations where job seekers would go and interact with future employers for recruiting. However, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, organizers had to look for ways to help keep the recruiters and job seekers safe. Hence, they turned the job fairs into virtual job fairs. These virtual hiring events have peaked since the declaration of the Covid 19 pandemics. Before then, some organizations still used to have virtual job fairs, but they are now more common than ever. Statistics show that virtual job fairs are being held five times more per week than in-person job fairs. This may be because of the many pros virtual job fairs have compared to cons and in-person events. For instance, virtual job fairs are not limited to locations thus can host a wide range of audiences giving the recruiters an option to include diversity in their organizations. Therefore, considering the pros of virtual events, in-person events may never get back the same again even after the pandemic.

Listed below are some of the advantages of holding a virtual event

  1. Virtual hiring events are more efficient compared to in-person hiring events

In virtual job fairs, candidates and employers create their profiles inclusive of everything they would need the employers to know. This makes it easy for employers to select candidates that fit their company requirements well and move them to the next level. This process saves time and is more efficient than going through each candidate’s in-person fairs with long non-ending queues.

  1. Virtual job fairs generate more audience than in-person fairs

Virtual job fairs are said to have a higher audience and participation rate than in-person job fairs. Additionally, virtual job fairs allow employers and employees to tailor their advertising and invitation lists to specific candidate profiles, thus attracting qualified prospects. Further, it increases the number of applicants and the percentage of eligible aspirants. Therefore this makes the virtual job fairs more successful compared to in-person fairs.

  1. Promotes your employers brand

When you create a virtual job fair, you aim at reaching a wide range of audiences. Once your organization hosts a virtual job fair, then there’s a higher chance of increasing customers. Moreover, customers and the target audience will appreciate your brand for innovation, embarrassing technology, and caring for other humans by following the world health organization protocols. Thus, strengthening your brand.

  1. It improves candidate experience and engagement throughout the recruiting process

Virtual job fairs will improve the candidate experience since they can connect well with recruiters. Moreover, candidates can ask questions to select your organization as a priority in the job hunt. Also, candidates are more engaged in virtual job fairs, especially if the fair is at the top of the recruiting funnel.

  1. It is cost-effective

Virtual jobs fairs can be held at close to zero budgets. They do not require venue bookings or transport money and other costs incurring things that an in-person fair would need. Moreover, I require less staff to hold the recruitment compared to an in-person event.

In conclusion, the Covid 19 pandemics had its advantage in disguise to organizations and some job seekers. Since virtual job fairs can connect to people from all over the world, organizations are lucky to get highly qualified prospects through these fairs.

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