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5 Employee Recognition Examples to Hire a New Star Employee

Hiring new employees is a big deal. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and stressful—especially if you’re not sure the candidate will be a good fit. To make sure that your investment in this person pays off in the long term, it’s important to give them some extra support early on. One of the best ways to do that is through employee recognition. A little praise can go a long way in helping an employee feel valued by their employer and become more invested in their work. In this his article, we’ll explore some of the best employee recognition examples you’ll need to hire and maintain a new star employee.

Don’t wait for that annual review

The next time you’re looking to recognize a star employee, don’t wait for an annual review. Giving recognition throughout the year will make it clear that your company values its people and will help you attract top talent.

This doesn’t mean that formal reviews aren’t important or that they can be skipped altogether; instead, think of them as a way to confirm the behavior you’ve already recognized. Recognition doesn’t have to be tied directly to an employee’s performance review; it can happen in person (like when someone brings in cookies), through email, at meetings or conferences (handing out awards), via public voting systems like contests and sweepstakes, and privately by your manager after a great performance review meeting goes well. The possibilities are endless.

A little praise goes a long way

When it comes to employee recognition, a little praise goes a long way. It’s important to recognize good work, good behavior, good attitude, and so on. But you can also give praise for the effort—and even results—that come from those who are striving to do their best. These are often the people who need your recognition most because they’re outperforming themselves and others to achieve what they set out to do. Reward them by acknowledging all of their hard work and see how it motivates them even more.

Recognize achievements and results

Recognizing achievements and results is one of the most powerful ways to reward employees. It’s not just about money. Creating a recognition program to reward employees for their work will help you attract new hires and retain your existing team members.

To do so, you can cecognize achievements and results with simple thank yous. You can also give out public praise for an employee’s achievement at a company event or social gathering You may also want to try rewarding an employee who has exceeded expectations with a pat on the back or a hug (if appropriate).

Support your star’s development

If you have a new star who is already working at your company, take steps to ensure that they get promoted within their current role as quickly as possible. You can even consider giving them a promotion early on in their tenure if they’ve proven themselves to be an exceptional performer or are ready for more responsibility. However, remember that when promoting someone too soon, may not give them enough room or time to advance their skills and knowledge base.

Offer opportunities for learning and growth outside of work hours. For example, let your employees use some of their time week on self-development activities like continuing education courses or professional development workshops related to the field where they work so that they can become even better at what they do and stay ahead of the competition in their field. This way if there are ever any promotions available within your company then there will always be qualified candidates ready at hand.

Help them balance work and life, or vice versa

It’s important to recognize that, while you want your employees to be dedicated and committed, they also need to have a life outside of work. When their work and personal lives are separate, they’re less productive because they’re constantly thinking about what lies ahead at the office.

When you hire new stars for your company, make sure that you take both factors into account. You can do this by recognizing how much time your star employee spends on each aspect of his or her life: work, family and friends, community service, and other interests and hobbies. If it seems like there is a significant imbalance between these two areas of life, consider making some changes so he or she can balance them better.


The key takeaway is that you don’t have to wait for an annual review to recognize your employees. It’s been proven time and time again that recognition can boost employee engagement, performance, and productivity—but it all starts with showing some appreciation. Even if you have a smaller team or budget, you can still find ways to show appreciation regularly. And remember: everyone likes being praised, so don’t forget about yourself either.

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