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41% of Customers Prefer a Live Support System

Buyers want accurate information about the product they want to buy and want it instantly. The live chat app connects the buyer to the correct support team; product information is directed to the customer service team, and product price and utility to the sales team. You can tailor-make the live chat widget according to your business style, brand, and welcome messages for the targeted audience. It can be crafted differently for different segments of products and audiences as per geographical location and product query. As every conversation and text are saved and scripted in the inbox and timeline of the visitor, the team has complete access and a clear perception of the interaction.

The live chat on website has a fast loading speed, so the customer support team has an unlimited scope of conversation with visitors. The chat tool is fully integrated with the Chabot builder, and no coding is required for it. The tool helps to identify quality leads, book appointments, and answer common customer queries. The chief advantage of this widget is customers get instant answers to their queries. This gives ample time to convert potential customers into patrons, which generates revenue.

Prefer a live support system

This platform paves access to the support team to resolve issues that they were not able to fix themselves. This is more user-friendly than waiting for an e-mail from the support team. Instant help is the prime reason why customers prefer live chat over other means. Some patrons prefer telephonic conversation; others fancy e-mail or social media. But over the previous few years, most customers (41%) prefer the live support system, and it has become a benchmark support tool.

It is easy and effortless to install live chat on the website but pretty hard to maintain high-quality service to customers. Delivering the best service through live chat requires more time than other support channels. To get the optimal result, you need to find the correct blend of effort and value.

More satisfied customers

The writing is on the wall. Live chat builds more satisfied customers. Typically a customer selects real-time support over another support system. The platform is intuitive, interactive, and even engaged in errands. A customer can access the desired help. According to Zendesk data, customer satisfaction is the second prime on live chat (85%), second only to phone support (91%). The universal average customer satisfaction rating for live chat is 83.1%. 51% of customers like the repetitive use of live chat to contact a retailer or buy again from a brand if they use a live chat app.

Too fast is not desired 

According to the 2020 Live Chat Benchmark Report, data of fifty-six million live chats reveals the average response time after submitting a query by a customer and response is forty-six seconds. But response time on live chat on the website alone does not determine customer satisfaction. A responsive, high-quality answer is more appreciated by customers than a too fast, nonresponsive answer. People want useful answers, and to get them, they are willing to wait for a few more minutes. Organizations that provide a fruitful answer with a longer wait time tend to have higher customer ratings.

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