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3 Steps To Successful Clinical Trials Recruitment

Patient recruitment is the most important component of a successful clinical trial. You don’t select just any participants, but rather you choose the right ones. With more clinical trials failing to meet their set Veristat patient recruitment target, it’s important that you identify the right audience for the study. Below is a look at three steps you can adopt for successful clinical trials recruitment.

Perform a thorough research on the study

Before kick-starting a clinical trial, a Clinical Research Organization must carry out thorough research. After establishing the purpose of the study, you’re in a better position to search for information on all components. For instance, if your study is on Alzheimer’s disease, you’ll focus on patients aged over 60 who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. So, the scope of your study determines the kind of demographics to look for. Look for such demographics as age, sex, residence, and lifestyle depending on what our study is all about. Remember, you also have to ensure you have a good location where patients can access other amenities. Additionally, choose a site that has the right equipment to carry out the study. It’s also necessary to establish why a certain group of patients would want to be in the study. This goes down to the results you gathered during your market research.

Advertise your study to the world

Once you have attained the required information about the study, it’s time to put the word out there. Embrace the most reliable methods of advertising your study to the world according to the demographics. Knowing the best advertising options relies on the information you gathered about your audience. For instance, age determines if you can advertise via the internet or through conventional methods. You can also embrace the power of social media and Google ads in spreading the message about your clinical study. Reaching the right audience equals better chances of success, which is possible if you use the right advertising channels.

Keep the patients engaged

After attracting the required patients’ target, it’s time to apply the right strategies to retain the patients. Since 30% of the recruited patients drop out at some point, you need to keep them engaged for better results. First, understand the problems they may be facing for them to drop out or miss out on an appointment. If it’s transport costs, figure out if you will provide that for them. Also, you can encourage them to continue with the trials by keeping open communication. Ensure that you keep in touch in-between visits to keep the patients motivated. You can even send them greeting cards and birthday wishes. This way, your patients will be in the study for the long haul. You can use newsletters to let them know of their next appointment and details about their condition. However, you should minimize the follow-ups so that the patients don’t feel too disturbed. If the recruited patients feel you’re concerned about them, they will participate in the study until it’s complete.

Patient recruitment is an important part of any clinical trial. Therefore, keeping your patients happy will positively contribute to the success of your trial.

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