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Why Are Customers Going Crazy Over On-Demand Delivery Apps?

Not sure when your courier will reach your loved one? or you’d be able to just send a small box or a tiffin over to a friend staying in the next suburb in time? On-demand hyperlocal delivery apps like Porter aim to change just that by giving us a better, faster, affordable and reliable delivery experience.

Porter provides:

  • 24×7 online assistance & customer service
  • Chat Support & Updates
  • Real-time tracking
  • Competitive pricing
  • Payment Options for convenience
  • An array of vehicles to choose from based on the support required

Customers will find these exceedingly feasible and convenient. Delivery apps have even started doorstep courier pick up and drop services.

What are the high points of on-demand delivery apps like Porter?

The most significant characteristic of the on-demand delivery apps is the shorter waiting time, safety and security of your parcel, by being able to track it in real time, it has eliminated the hassle by a considerable extent.

You can select what kind of delivery you want, such as intercity express delivery service or beyond the city limits or even from one state to another.

These applications want to provide you with a positive customer experience, so whether you need to move houses or deliver packages, you can count on them to provide you with the best in class services.

Whatever your requirement is, you can get anything delivered, from a flower pot to a full-fledged garden set up. All this with affordable pricing. There are no hidden fees, and the rates are transparent. Calculate the delivery charges depending on your parcel size, distance and the vehicle you select.

You no longer need to phone the courier agency to check on the status of your delivery, as we once did. Instead, live tracking will be available on the courier and logistics delivery app, allowing you to track your package deliveries in real-time. You’ll also receive real-time tracking updates.

If you’re relocating and need assistance, you can hire packers and movers India to complete the job at a moderate cost and outstanding service. Also, if you need help, you can get aid in loading and unloading.

You will get a one-stop resolution for any courier or logistics service with these on-demand delivery apps. Whether the item is the lightest or the heaviest, you can get any and every requirement fulfilled here. You can choose delivery by bike or scooter for a quick and convenient service nearby or select from an array of 2 to 3 wheelers when you need to carry logistics and freight around.

These on-demand delivery apps are ideal for both personal and commercial use. In addition, these apps can be helpful for small business owners and local shop owners who are too busy to transport their goods individually.

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