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What Is CNG: Safety Tips That You Should Know

CNG is not so unknown. No, it is not a new tire brand; its acronym means Natural Gas Vehicular, which is the gas that fuels gas cars. Because it is more economical, many people have adopted this new fuel. Learn a little more about CNG today, and check out some safety tips for anyone using or thinking about using this fuel or use a technician like Tie Rod Cylinders Repair in Chicago, IL for example.

What Is CNG?

As already mentioned, CNG is the natural gas used in cars. Because it is more economical than other fuels, many people bought the CNG kit and put it in their cars. Today we already have cars that come with this factory direct fuel option.

Safety Tips

We already know CNG, so let’s review some safety tips we should have with this gas.


If you convert your car from another fuel to gas, always do it with an authorized technician. Always demand new parts and steel tubes. Another essential detail is to review the kit, so everything works correctly.


Whenever you are going to supply the car, get out of the vehicle. Other necessary precautions are:

  • Turn off the engine, radio, and cell phone
  • Turn off the headlights
  • Do not light a cigarette
  • Brake the vehicle


The cylinders must be specific for CNG as they are made of steel and resistant to the pressure the gas exerts inside the cylinder. Another important detail is not to allow the cylinders to have welds, as it is in these welds that pressure resistance may be lower and the gas to leak.

Other Care

– Look for workshops approved for the revision and installation of the cylinder and other parts that make up the CNG kit;

– Never try to fix the defects that appear in the kit; look for a specialized workshop;

– Do not drive if you notice any gas leaks;

– Don’t mess with the car’s regulations. Leave this question to the specialized technician like Cylinders, Inc for example. Remember that CNG is a flammable gas.

Despite being less flammable than liquid fuels, it does, due to any carelessness, ignite and cause an explosion.

Due to the high temperatures an engine can reach, both cars and motorcycles need a good cooling system. The structure is mainly necessary when combustion occurs, as the burned fuel causes a great deal of heating that cannot be entirely expelled through the exhaust, contributing to the increase in temperature in the engine. If the vehicle is leaking water from the radiator, it is a sign that a fault inside must be resolved soon, as the lack of water can compromise the cooling system and cause serious problems.

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