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What can you hope to get from an intranet mobile app?

An employee intranet allows all staff members to collaborate, access knowledge, and remain informed of important information wherever and whenever they choose. And so, this provides direct benefits to employees as well as organizations. Some other things that you can get from an intranet mobile app are:

  • An augmentation in productivity – When you have got an intranet then your organization gets a centralized digital space. It makes it possible for people to consolidate every piece of information all across the company. When information will be provided to all employees then it will result in increased productivity. Mobile intranet is also meant employees will continue to get information even when the internet is down.
  • Improved communication – Nearly 70 percent of the workforce today comprises workers who do not sit behind their desks regularly. As they don’t sit at computers all day, an enterprise needs to consider the best methods for keeping these workers updated and also make sure that they have been receiving the best employee experience.

Most often, frontline workers find it tough to get engaged with their organization because of a shortage of access to technology and when these workers are supplied with a superb intranet mobile application then it can revolutionize engagement and proposes a direct route of communication.

  • A real digital headquarter – Every employee is different from one another and so, their needs and preferences too are different. You need to consider this while forming a true digital headquarter. A mobile intranet application allows every employee to reach the intranet easily and propose functionality, like screen reading. This will ensure every person has been getting the same accessibility and experience.
  • The capability of cutting through the noise – When the matter comes to having communication with employees then at times, less is more. Being capable of cutting through the noise for delivering important messages to people is crucial and in this matter, mobile intranet application does help. This app lowers the volume of the noise and sorts information into relevant and simplified content. And so, employees do not get lost in various kinds of information.

The method of forming a mobile intranet that employees will love

  • Make the app easy for finding people and content – Today’s intranets are designed in a way so that people can discover information, documents, and people. When your colleagues work away from their offices, they continue to need documents and information quickly and in this matter, mobile intranet apps should help.
  • Make the intranet available offline – Though users can receive intranet access nearly everywhere there are occasions where it remains unavailable. It should not be an obstruction to productivity. OneDrive for Business permits security-enabled offline editing of data that can be uploaded later and synced when connections get reestablished later.
  • Utilize video – When you are looking forward to making a mobile intranet application experience that users will enjoy then it requires fitting across the device itself. Video is a potent means of communicating the vision and news of a company to employees besides sharing them in an easy to access format which will boost the rates of adoption.

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