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Using Software to Organize Your Service Business

Running a service business can be quite demanding, Not only do you have to juggle many different clients in a local area, but you also have to schedule appropriate staff and have appropriate manpower to get to any job site and complete the job in an adequate and satisfactory timeframe. This can be an organizational nightmare if done out of a spreadsheet or on paper, and the success of your service business is ultimately determined by customer satisfaction. One of the best ways to increase customer satisfaction is to be organized and give realistic and accurate timeframes for when your contractors will show up to a job site and how long a job will take. To do this, there are a number of ways that you can use software to increase your operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.

Assign tasks efficiently

The best way for your workers to be aware of what jobs needs to be accomplished is to actually have a digital way to access this and assign jobs accordingly. By using a service dispatch software, you can create a system that everyone understands and that can be easily followed by everyone on the team. Without a way to track who is in charge and who is assigning tasks, then things become chaotic and employees can potentially forget if they are supposed to show up to a job site. Having a software to assign tasks and sync with personal calendars such as Google Calendar or iCal keeps both businesses and employees accountable to each other when it comes to scheduling and assigning tasks.

Give updates via notifications

Having a software or application hand that can gently remind workers what tasks they’ve been assigned or things that are scheduled for them to do is very important. This can also be used to give updates if a client has a specific request or concern that needs to be addressed by the worker. This can include needing a specific tool for a job if you are running a contracting business or knowing that another worker is on standby depending on the location of the job site. This information can then be automatically forwarded to their email accounts or even via text message. However you choose to do this, you need to make sure that the most information possible is given to your workers in real-time so that they can be best complete jobs in a safe and efficient manner.

Give support to your workers

Using a software not only helps you give your customers the quality support they need, but it also helps you give your workers support as well. This is particularly important when there is confusion in the scheduling process and you need to go over some administrative item that may have caused this. While larger enterprise businesses tend to have a team of administrative assistants, smaller operations typically cannot afford this. As such, much of this support can be automated using software so that the right information always gets shared with employees and that they have something that not only helps them be accountable to the business, but helps the business be accountable to their needs and schedule as well.

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