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Use YouTube to Reach Your Target Audience With These Six Tips

Every person who takes advantage of YouTube for promoting their business has his or her own particular objective. Here are six tips you can use to take advantage of YouTube’s platform, thus helping you reach more of your business goals.

1. Feature one of your new products or services

Featuring services or products on your YouTube channel can be an inexpensive but very effective means of showing off products to potential customers. You can use a video to show viewers your product’s innovative features and tell users how to use the product most efficiently. YouTube videos can be used to answer common questions and showcase the features of a product.

Remember that YouTube users don’t like to see blatant advertisements for your company’s products and services. In fact, most consumers are so inundated with advertisements in their everyday lives that they tend to resent or tune them out. Your video content can promote products or services and increase awareness. However, it is important to use a softer-sell approach that is both entertaining and informative.

2. Share and Showcase Your Specialized Industry Knowledge

YouTube is so popular because people can find digestible and informative videos on any topic. Chances are, as an entrepreneur, you possess expertise that could help others.

YouTube is a great way to connect with customers in an informal and powerful manner. You can speak your mind in a platform where you have complete control of the content. You’ll likely develop some ideas for how your company could be improved by using YouTube to communicate directly with prospective clients.

The possibilities are endless, and include making videos that compare or demonstrate product or service features, explainer videos, client testimonials, etc. Many companies these days are also featuring in-depth educational series, such as those found on this channel.

3. Tell people how products and services work

Many companies have found out that making YouTube videos can be an instructional way to foster customer loyalty, lower the chance of returns and enable you to increase your client service without costing additional resources.

While a how-to product video is different than an actual product demonstration, both can be beneficial to businesses who want to show off and then sell their products. A product demo is a demonstration of a product’s functions. It does not teach how to do it. Both types can be employed as an aspect of a B2C or B2B business strategy.

These videos can be used to reduce calls to client service and technical support. Instructional videos can be used to show customers how to put together or put a particular product to use. This will help them to avoid frustration and allow them to see the real potential of the product. You can also use your videos to show customers less-known features or uses of a product.

Such instructional videos have enabled many companies to drastically reduce the cost of offering technical support via telephone. They supplement paper product instructions (something people don’t like to read anyway) by creating easy-to-understand instructional videos, which are engaging and highly entertaining.

4. Hone Your Natural Charisma

Small businesses can use YouTube videos to present their leaders and position them as spokespersons in videos. Some company spokespeople have even achieved celebrity status from starring in YouTube videos to promote themselves, their products and their companies.

You can star in your YouTube videos if you are a small-business owner with a strong personality to promote your brand and tell your story. Featuring the actual leader of your company can help personalize your business and build its credibility. Your company’s reputation and brand recognition can be enhanced by having the leader of your company speak authoritatively, demonstrate products and thereby increase customer trust.

5. Share your company’s history

Every business, large or small, has an interesting origination history they can share. Your story will help you increase customer loyalty, brand awareness, and educate people about your company and core values.

You can use any kind of inside-the-business video to tell this story. You can upload a video about how your products are made or do an interview with one of your employees about the company. If you have invented something — say a new app or gadget — you can talk about how you got this inspiration and how you turned your idea into reality. 

6. Upload business slideshows or recorded presentations

You can also upload custom footage if you have given a recent lecture, workshop, or another type of presentation. This will allow your clients, customers, and the general public to view it, whereas the original was likely watched by just a small audience. This can help portray you as an authority and enable you to communicate insightful information to clients and customers. It will also help you increase awareness about your company.

You can add to this information by narrating a PowerPoint presentation that you publish on YouTube or a recording with you discussing something that might be of interest to your potential clients or customers.

These are only a sampling of ways you can use YouTube to benefit your business. Don’t be afraid to be creative and add more to this list!

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