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Types of Home Insurance Cover

80% of homeowners and tenants undergo a significant financial loss as their insurance does not cover them to resume the same standard of living, after a crisis at home. It is important that one selects the adequate home insurance cover that takes care of all your belongings.

One can make use of the home insurance calculators online, available on insurance providers’ website to get an estimate on the replacement value of your home building or its contents. They also provide emergency home assistance as and when the distress call occurs. The client must always download and read through the Product Disclosure Statements and the Key Facts Sheets for both home and landlord insurance.

Types of Home Insurance

Building Insurance

This type of insurance covers losses that occur due to fire, storms, earthquake, impact damage etc. The financial range of this cover extends up to $ 20 million legally. Another $ 5000 to reinstall the environment systems such as rain water tanks and solar power systems after the building affected is destroyed and there has been an agreement to rebuild it.

Contents Insurance

This insurance covers the contents that have been left outside the insured address and get affected in situations such as theft, storm, rainwater or a run off. These claims are quick and easy with a round-the-clock service from the insurers.

Renter’s Insurance

This insurance covers your belongings from fire, theft and storm or certain contents in open air at your insured address. It also covers the landlord’s fixtures and fittings for which the tenant is legally responsible.

Landlord Insurance

This insurance covers any loss or damage that is caused by an insured event for the landlord’s investment property or any other contents that he may provide for the tenant’s use. The legal liability of this cover extends up to $10 million. There is also an option for an additional cover for rent default or theft by tenant.

After choosing one of the above mentioned insurance covers, the client can still upgrade from the below three options by getting a quote online:

  1. A flood cover can be added to your policy for insuring your building and contents.
  2. A portable cover can be added for your contents such as mobile phones, cameras, jewelry etc that one takes away from home.
  3. A motor burnout cover can also be added in case an electrical current damages any of your household electrical motors.

Get Home insurance covers offered by iSelect cover all your troubles when something goes wrong. Protecting your home from damage or loss is very important. One should choose the right home insurance policy and avoid under insuring your property so you’re not left out of pocket. Home insurance or commonly known as building insurance covers all the costs of rebuilding or repairing your home and also helps you protect it from other damages that are beyond your control such as natural disasters like storms, floods or bushfires. The building insurance is usually combined with contents insurance as well.

Check out the various insurance policies with iSelect and choose the best one for your home.

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