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The Proven SaaS SEO Strategy You Need to Follow

In recent years, the internet has become a lot more statured with more and more businesses. As such competition is tougher than ever, and this is particularly true for SaaS companies. Unlike ecommerce retailers and other online businesses, SaaS companies are purely digital. Their function is primarily to license subscriptions to their software either on a B2B or B2C basis (and sometimes both). This license is typically rented on a monthly or annual basis.

While this is an excellent way to gain revenue, it is also a potential goldmine for the right SaaS company. In the past, software companies created a software solution that was purchased on a one-time basis, making its shelf life inherently limited. Eventually, companies like Microsoft would have to iterate and create the next software solution to sell wholesale to consumer and other businesses. Now, the SaaS market is also created on a subscription basis, which makes it easier to generate vast sums of capital.

However, the challenge here is that SaaS companies need to constantly innovate. This is both true in terms of the software itself and in terms of their marketing efforts. The best way to integrate both adding features to the software and marketing efforts is through SEO. Using a proven SaaS SEO strategy, SaaS companies can better optimize their websites to rank on Google. To do this, they’ll need to research the right keywords, perform technical optimizations to the website itself, and create consistent quality content and links. All of this will help a SaaS website to define its buyer personas and rank for target keywords.

Find the Right Keywords

Keyword research is the key to all SEO efforts, regardless of industry. However, for SaaS companies, keyword research has a dual importance of also helping the company figure out the type of features it may want to integrate into its software. When performing keyword research, you need to make sure that the keywords you select are both in-line with what your users are looking for and also what you can actually provide. For SaaS keywords, not all keywords may be directly related to software, and they might just be about questions or pain points that your software seeks to answer or help potential users with.

Create the Right Content and Links

Aside for technical optimizations and keywords, a good SaaS SEO strategy will also have good quality content and links. To do this, you’ll want to hire a professional writer to help you craft the content around the target keywords that you need. Once that content is created, and is made relevant both to the keyword itself and to the target audience, then you need to get websites to link out to the content itself. This needs to be done in a contextual way and created editorially so that the links stand naturally within the outside website content. Doing so will help the content page rank and make it so that the audience that you want to discover the content on Google will be able to do so.

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