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Reasons for hiring an employment lawyer in Trenton

Workplace discrimination is real, unfortunate, and rampant, not just in New Jersey, but in almost every state. The sad part is many employees endure discrimination at work, often because they are scared of taking serious steps, which may impact their employability and future. Whether or not you should take action against discrimination is dependent on many factors. Talking to a skilled employment lawyer in Trenton can help in understanding your options. Here are some reasons and circumstances, when consulting a lawyer is more than important. 

  1. When you have faced racial discrimination. If you have been discriminated against because of your race or national origin, you may have a valid case to pursue. It is said that racial discrimination is a reality in 2021, but such cases are reported in NJ all the time. 
  2. When discrimination is on the basis of age, sex, and gender. There are stereotypical examples of such discrimination. For instance, your employer may have fired you because of your sexual orientation. Or, you may have been denied a promotion or advantage that you deserve, because you were pregnant or over the age of 40. 
  3. Because you faced workplace sexual harassment. Sexual harassment at work is a serious concern, and if you have suffered advances from your supervisor, senior, or colleague, consider talking to an attorney at the earliest. Proving sexual harassment is often the hardest part, which is precisely when a lawyer can help. 
  4. Because you were denied your rights, wages, and hourly pay. If you were denied the minimum pay or your employer has not paid you in full, you may want to consider the option of seeking financial compensation. Talk to a reliable lawyer to know if you have a valid and strong case worth pursuing. 
  5. Because you suffered whistleblower retaliation. Whistleblowers often have to face discrimination because they pointed out violations or wrongdoings on part of the employer. A simple case of whistleblower retaliation would be firing someone or demoting them for flimsy reasons. If you are a whistleblower dealing with such circumstances, call an attorney. 

There are also other cases related to wrongful termination. If you believe that you have suffered discrimination or have been fired for a reason that’s unlawful and unethical, it makes sense to talk to an attorney specializing in employment law. A skilled employment lawyer will never step back from taking on big companies, and they will ensure that clients have the best possible support.  

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