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Industrial Shelving Systems- Types That You Should Know

Industrial shelving systems are quite popular. Metal shelving is one of the most durable and space-saving types of shelving that you can get for your warehouse. It offers a wide range of storage options, and the systems come in varying shapes and sizes. They can be free-standing or rack designed to display your items in the warehouse better. What are the distinct types of industrial shelving systems? Let’s dig in for ideas.

  1. Steel storage

If you deal with bulky and odd-shaped products, then you probably have heard of steel storage shelves Malaysia. These are handy for most manufacturing facilities handling large and unusually shaped items. These systems have a unique design to offer safe and space-efficient storage. Steel storage systems can store extra heavy materials of all types. Standard steel systems include Cantilever, heavy-duty, and vertical racking systems.

  1. Roll-out shelving systems

These systems provide excellent storage solutions for bulky and items that aren’t easy to handle in tight spaces. They also allow you to access the materials using a forklift truck. Roll-out shelving helps save a lot of space and can store twice the number of items. What’s more? You can also customize roll-out shelves to mobile carts, racks with unique decking or cabinets with lockable doors.

  1. Pallet racking systems

Pallet racks are popular, and you can find them at Eonmetall Group Berhad, and many other steel manufacturing companies. They are less pricey and are ideal for large warehouses. Pallet racking is most suitable for the storage of large quantities of items on pallets or skids.

Pallet racks are an excellent option for anyone seeking to utilize their vertical space effectively. The different types of selective pallet racking systems are; drive-in, drive-through, push-back, and pallet flow systems.

  1. Coil racking systems

These are ideal for storing hard to store items such as large coils and drums. Coil racks are heavy-steel structures, and feature and horizontal spindle on the vertical uprights. The axis is useful for holding reels and drums.

You can use coil racking systems for keeping cables, electrical wiring, wallpaper, and other delicate fabrics. The design of the components allows for the storage of rolls, loops, and heavy materials.

  1. Automated storage and retrieval systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems use computer-controlled systems. They are high-cost storage and retrieval solutions, but they come with many perks. They can aid you in retrieving different things from various locations. These systems save a lot of time when picking items. They also enhanced inventory rotation when organized rightly. The system types are, for example, fixed aisle, and vertical carousels.

 A quick wrap up

Industrial shelving saves a lot of space and improves handling processes in industrial facilities. Companies that use these shelving systems enjoy a higher return on investment. If you’re looking for the right storage systems for your warehouse, picking the right industrial shelving system is vital.

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