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How the Laundry Industry is Evolving This 2021

The new normal has definitely shaken things up, with the COVID-19 pandemic creating an environment where customers are now even more aware of hygiene protocols and health standards. Cleanliness is now taken seriously everywhere, from residential areas down to offices and stores.

As cleanliness continues to be a priority for many, various businesses have grown, especially those in the laundry industry. More people are now looking into getting into the laundry business, searching for venture capital funds from companies like Clean Venture to get started!

But how exactly has the laundry industry evolved this 2021? And why is it a good idea to get into it?

How the Laundry Industry Evolved This 2021

Times are changing for many laundry businesses, and while laundromats continue earning (after all, clean clothes are a necessity!), laundry owners are starting to offer more to cater to new customer needs and demands.

Laundry managers and operators who participated in the American Laundry News survey indicated that the pandemic has changed the industry, from safety and sales, down to business and operation practices. Over 90% of respondents have said their business changed from the pandemic, with only 9.7% saying that it hasn’t.

Based on the survey and further research, here are the ways the laundry industry has changed and/or evolved from the pandemic and beyond:

  • 48.3% of the respondents say their services have added products as a way to improve business. Reusable barrier products are now added, along with masks, UV lighting, and social distancing mats, all of which are useful and in need due to the pandemic.
  • Most employers are now changing up their operations for the safety of both their consumers and employees. Some of these changes include plant cleaning, wearing mandatory masks and PPE, adjusting break times, and using plastic partitions to prevent the further spread of the virus. There are also hand sanitizer stations, temperature screenings, and increased airflow in work areas.
  • Laundry businesses have changed up operations in terms of who works in-office and who doesn’t. There are more employees who work from home now, with other employers adopting a home-office combination with the office and sales staff. More modern communication methods are used for meetings and announcements, such as Zoom, e-mails, and other online meeting programs.
  • Speaking of staff, there is now more focus on staff training, with owners addressing the cleaning routines, enforcement of rules, along with customer interface and practices. There are new elements to training such as cleaning processes, which ensure that the business focuses on the safety of everyone involved.
  • Promotions have also evolved when it comes to marketing strategies in the laundry industry. Owners are marketing their businesses as one-stop destinations that are clean, safe, and sanitized. They put more focus on cleanliness and killing germs to market their products and services, along with flexible business hours to lessen the risk of crowds.

Wrapping It Up

The laundry industry is expected to rise, with the expectations of being less reliant on coins and more concentrated toward technological advances and sanitation. As long as owners adapt to such ever-changing trends, they can expect their laundry businesses to gain profit in the long run.

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