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How Does a Logo help a Brand to build its Identity?

Taking a long road trip or coming back from work, if our vision points on an evaluated yellow “M” then you know what’s coming ahead. Yeah! You have guessed it right, we are talking about McDonald’s. The brand has created such a strong impact on minds that 90% of the time we stop, even if it is just a cup of coffee. Here is why a good logo is the most essential part of a brand’s identity and the logo designer emphasis on the importance of the logo. A good logo can take time to make the image in the consumer’s mind. There are many brands out there that have made revolutionary changes in their logo and have earned a great success.


How logo is important for a brand’s identity?

Just like how you would like to get things customized according to your personality, likewise making the right choice in logo’s design is important. In this era, people judge logos from a design perspective. From designing to imprinting, your website, your business card, and your social media page, your logo communicates ownership. In simpler words logo is the target point, if aimed properly it will take your brand to next level of marketing. 


In logo designing process, not only elements are important but also choosing the right color choice is vital. As you know that each color represents a different meaning. Famous Brand “Burger King” has used a lot of red and yellow in their logo. Have you ever wondered why? This is because the color red triggers stimulation, appetite, and hunger. The color yellow is the symbol of happiness and friendship. They have made quite a bit of change in their logo in the past. Now their logo is well recognized by the people. 


Balance is yet another key point to keep in mind when choosing the right logo. The technical part comes when designers and strategists both have to make a balance between two cultures. A food brand name “Yoobi” is a perfect example of how Japanese and Brazilian influence has been rolled down. The sushi shape from the “Y” alphabet infuses Brazilian touch, offering a fresh temakeria in London. The logo has a touch of modern design, perfectly representing the touch of London city.


Mascot addition is another great strategy to be used in logo designing. Make sure that you do not add an irrelevant mascot otherwise the importance of the logo will go to the drain. The famous chicken brand, KFC is the most popular and renowned name in the fast-food industry. Its logo is a perfect example of how to use Mascot in the logo design. 


Last but not the least, Chick-fil-a American’s most favorite food chain. Their logo is a clear depiction of how typography can be used creatively. The font is curvy and gives a look of had drawn chick in the “C” of Chick. Also, they have kept it simple by using the hue of red and black color. 



Even though you may consider a logo, simply one a drawing for your food chain but at whatever point you leave a café, comprehend that there’s a long history behind how these images became and that they have developed a strong image all around the world. 

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