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Easybrain Free Sudoku Puzzle Is the Ultimate Sudoku App

Who hasn’t heard of the classic game of Sudoku? It is one of the most popular puzzle games in the world – and for good reason! If you are looking for a fun puzzle to keep you hooked for hours, then your search ends on this marvelous game of wit. – Free Sudoku Puzzles by Easybrain

Easybrain, a mobile game publisher established in 2016, has now made a free mobile version of this iconic game for Android and iOS devices. The free Sudoku puzzle game has already been downloaded more than 30 million times, becoming the most popular Sudoku game on both App Store and Google Play based on daily downloads.

With a digital version of the world’s most popular pencil puzzle, Easybrain’s Sudoku free puzzle game offers unsurpassed convenience to the players. Players can have easy access to 10000+ masterfully crafted puzzles at four degrees of complexity: easy, medium, hard and expert. Whether you are a beginner or an expert Sudoku player, you will have endless hours of fun playing this puzzle game. You would love playing the game non-stop. It is a superb brain trainer, which is both fun and challenging with each passing level. This Sudoku free game is easy to access, and if you are a puzzle game aficionado, this will be the best you will find on the store to date.

The mechanics of Easybrain’s Sudoku free puzzle games are very simple and intuitive as well. There are 9 grids (3X3) and some cells have numbers written on them. You must fill in the blank cells with numbers from 1 to 9, so that each row, each column, and each region have unique numbers. Pretty easy, right?

Easybrain Free Sudoku also has several important features to perfect your Sudoku solving skills. Automatic error check, automatic filling of notes, an unlimited opportunity to cancel moves, several types of prompts and auto-save – that’s just a few of the amazing features of this wonderful application. If you are already a pro, the addition of online leaderboards, daily challenges, and seasonal events will keep things exciting for you! Another feature worth mentioning is the game’s user-friendly and simple UI that comes with an ability to change and choose themes, allowing you to bring more joy into the play. What more could you ask for?


With a huge library of exciting puzzle games, user-friendly UI, advanced features and the bargain price of free, Easybrain Sudoku puzzle has got everything to keep you hooked for hours. Once you get into its groove, you will never feel like giving it up.

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