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DIY Windows Or Hire A Professional; Which Is The Best Option?

Most homeowners opt Barrie windows DIY project when they receive a quote from a window company. This is because most of them think that these quotes are extravagant, and if they opt for a DIY project, they will be able to save a considerable amount of money. But is this really a good idea?

There are no objections to DIY projects if you can do it the right way. After all, all that you need is the right tools and skills to get the work done. However, according to Total Home Barrie, there are essential things you ought to put into consideration before you choose to DIY your Barrie windows. Take a peek.

  • Type Of Window Replacements

Before you start your project, you should evaluate things and know what type of Barrie windows replacement you are going to carry out.

There are two main types of windows replacements, namely; insert window replacement and full-frame window replacement.

Full frame window replacement involves getting rid of the entire window units, including the jamb and its parts and replacing it with new units.

Insert window replacement involve the replacement of the window only, and retaining the jamb. It is less labour intensive compared to the latter.

  • Inserts Are Effortless To Install

Like we have noted above, in this type of window replacement, you don’t remove the entire window parts. So, this needs less labour, unlike in full-frame window replacement where all the window parts, including the jamb and trims, are removed and replaced with new ones.

  • When To Choose Full /Insert Window Replacement

Homes choose full-frame window replacement when the window and the frame are significantly damaged and cannot be repaired. If the frame is damaged or old and not functioning well, replacing only the window sashes will be useless. To deal with this problem, you need to get rid of all the elements.

On the other hand, insert window replacement, popularly known as retrofit window replacement is recommended when the frame is in good condition, and the only window needs to be replaced.

  • Time Frame

According to Total Home Barrie, if you choose to DIY, full-frame Barrie windows replacement takes between 4-6 hours. However, if you need to modify the opening of the window, this will take a longer time than six hours, usually a day.

However, note that this time doesn’t include staining and painting of the windows or caulking and drying.

When compared by full-frame window replacement, inserts Barrie windows replacement can take half of the time. This is because there is not much work done here.

  • Ensure Your Inserts Work

If you have chosen to carry out insert window replacement, remember that not all openings are suitable for insert Barrie windows. So you would want to make sure that the insert fits well into the existing frame.

Also, make sure that the frame is in good conditions, and there is no sign of damage or rot.

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