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Differentiating Product Design And Product Development


Product development refers to the entire life cycle of a product in any business. Analyzing the present market, developing, planning, and launching a product are all steps in the product development process. The stage of the product development cycle that involves planning, creation, and designing is generally known as product design. Product developers keep track of each stage of development and prepare for the ultimate launch. The product designer, on the other hand, is exclusively responsible for designing and must always report to the developer for sanction. Any product-related decision-making, such as financing, sales and marketing, and or logistics, is well thought out throughout the development stage.

In the product design stage, the developer evaluates the product model, which serves as the foundation for product development. Product engineers, manufacturing, sales, designers, logistics, and logistics personnel are all part of the product development team. Whereas, technical staff such as interaction designers, UX designers, and technical staff, mostly make up the product design team. But above all, they are crucial to consumer product development.

Product Development

To maintain a leading position in the industry, companies need to come up with fresh ideas for launching their new products. Hence, product development refers to the entire process of creating new products and bringing them to market, from conception to actual deployment.

New goods are significant in the market because they attract more customers, enhance business growth, and increased market share. Product development can be very well improved by using the target market to fulfill the desires and needs of the customers. Feedback is gathered and translated into action using market analysis from the client base.

Process Of Product Development

Ideation: ideas are generated from the employees and then the research and development team develops these said ideas

Idea development: the selected ideas get transformed into concepts and these concepts get fine-tuned into product concepts. If it holds water after several deliberations.

Analysis: in this stage, the management is to come to the decision, on whether or not the product is viable in consideration of the costing, sales, and profit.

Development: after having passed through all of the other stages. The product becomes a considerable product and is launched out to the desired target just to get a metric on the product’s market performance.

Market trial: the targeted customers give their feedback about the model that was launched, now the test teams use different strategies such as marketing, financing, placement, and targeting to see how well the product will thrive.

Marketing: at this stage, all of the tests have been completed and the product must be out on the market. All the teams at this point work together for the improvement of the product.

Product Design

The product design team is in charge of all of the design efforts. The product’s appearance and feel are created by the design team. The product’s architecture is completed by selecting the necessary materials. Product designers can function in a wide range of industries, from IT to healthcare, and in both small and large-scale businesses.

Major Stages Of Product Designing

  • Product design Ideation
  • Product design viability
  • Design model
  • Testing
  • Product presentation


From the foregoing, it is evident that the roles of product developers are clear cut and different from that of a product designer. Though they need to work hand in hand to put out an existing or freshly innovated product. The roles and duties of a product developer supersede that of a designer because the former sees to the project from the beginning to the end.

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