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Different Types of Paper Bags and When to Use Them

Since the ban on single-use plastics due to environmental concerns, the use and manufacturing of paper bags have reached new demand. Concerned consumers everywhere would love to have alternate eco-friendly paper bags to use easily and guilt-free. There are different types of paper bags made from different materials available.

  1. Brown groceries Paper bag: These medium to big sized bags that are often seen while carrying around vegetables and groceries from supermarkets. These are relatively thinner but functional bags, ideal for daily use. They are usually referred to as sacs.
  2. Shopping Bags/Merchandise Bags: These types of paper bags come with company logos or names and details printed on them. They help in marketing those brands as well as act as a handy tool for reusing them to carry things around. They often come with the loops to hold the bag. These loops can be made of twisted paper or folded papers, or ribbons. Companies can order wholesale paper bags with their logo and information printed on them to paper bag manufacturers. Since paper bags are everyday items used often, the brand’s advertisement is established.
  3. Recycled and up-cycled newspapers paper bags: Newspapers are up-cycled into paper bags for quick packaging in local small shops and pharmacies. These are cheap and easy to make but are less durable.
  4. Baking tissue paper bags: Baking tissue paper is used to form small paper bags or envelopes to carry food, small items, or act as an envelope. They accompany as a cover to gift bags or help in wrapping parceled food items, bakery snacks.
  5. Gift bags: These come in decorative designs and colors. With these fun designs there is no need to wrap your gift; just place your gift in these and you’re good to go. These are often thick and reusable.
  6.  Paper bags with loops: These sturdy paper bags of a variety of sizes come with strong loops to hold. These loops can be made of ropes, ribbons, or papers. Some of these bags have folded paper handles or open loops within the paper bags to hold and carry things easily. They are useful in carrying heavier items.
  7.       Paper bags with rectangular bottoms: Paper bags with rectangular base are spacious and helpful in carrying multiple items. They are easy to be laid down and placed or stored in cupboards and kitchen cabinets.
  8. Vogue bags: These are wide shopping bags usually given to customers of retail shops, malls, and shoe showrooms. They come in different colors & sizes. These bags are shorter and wider.
  9. Open papers for wrapping: Open gift wrapping papers are used to hand wrap gifts and gift boxes. They come in themed designs for different occasions. Old open newspapers are used in wrapping food or makeshift paper wrappers of groceries at local shops and general stores.
  10.  Envelopes: The big envelope paper bags come with pinched bottoms and can be used for a variety of purposes like storing letters, documents, and items; sending gifts, or mailing important letters.

Various Applications and Uses for paper bags:

Grocery packaging, food parcels and packaging, mailing letters, and documents, used to pack baked goods, paper sacks of cement, chemicals, flour bags and various other consumer goods, merchandise advertising, storing food and other items. These are used and reused for various purposes for day-to-day necessities.

The different types of raw materials used in manufacturing paper bags include wood pulp, hemp, and recycled old papers. Paper bag makers usually measure sizes in the form of how much quantity they can carry. From carrying capacity of 500gm to 1, 2 kilograms, paper bags are sold and distributed by suppliers.

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