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Common Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Your Windows

Windows cleaned by Window cleaning drones  will protect you and your family against wind, dust, and intruders. However, windows are also a good source of natural light in your room or office. Similarly, they let in fresh air from outside.

Things last when we take good care of them. Consequently, your windows need a period or constant cleaning, depending on your preferences. The future of facility management lies in how best we take care of our windows. There are many techniques one can use to clean the window. However, it may lead to a disaster or a bad outcome without clear instructions on how to do it.

 Thus, below are some of the serious mistakes you should avoid while cleaning your windows.

Using rickety instruments

The method of cleaning windows varies depending on many factors, including the windows’ height. On high-rise windows, one must use suitable technology to enable them to clean the windows excellently.

 Among those technologies that one can opt for include:

  • Telescopic poles
  • Water-fed poles
  • Abseiling
  • Cradles and platforms

Regardless of the method, ensure that you are familiar with the technology; the technology you are about to use is the right one and can deliver excellent results. Above all, your safety should be your number one priority.

Choosing sunny days to clean your windows

Timing is among the best things you can do. Different weather conditions can either hinder or fasten your process. For example, cleaning your windows on a sunny day will be a waste of energy and resources. Here is the reason,

Before you even whip your window, it will have formed hard-to-remove streaks.

Spraying cleaning agents on top of dirt and dust

You will realize that to get the best results; you have to follow a proper procedure for cleaning your windows. Therefore, seek to remove dirt and dust from the window frame with a brush. You can also use a handheld vacuum.

Removing dust will prevent it from turning into mud as you clean it. Mud will give you a hard time eliminating when mixed with the cleaner.

Using inappropriate rags to dry your windows

Professional cleaners recommend that you use a squeegee to dry your windows. A squeegee will ensure that your windows are evenly dried, even from the hard-to-clean corners.

However, due to a lack of enough know-how or options, many people still prefer to use rags. Rags, especially those made of cotton, will do you a great disservice. Ensure that you use a wiper that is absorbent, washable, and leaves the glass shiny and streak free.

Cleaning your windows in one day

Windows are easy to manage; you only need to do it twice or four times a year. Depending on the number of windows you have to clean, there is no need to rush over to complete them in one day if they number big.

Rushing over when cleaning your windows means that you will leave behind ugly-looking streaks because you need to take more time to wipe your windows.


In as much as you need clean windows, the don’ts above will ensure you achieve the desired result. Therefore, remove dust from your windows first, then spray them with a reasonable amount of glass cleaner.

Use a lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth to clean and wipe your windows. Thus, as your windows are drying, wipe them using a brush to maintain the original shiny look.

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