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Are you Planning to File A Lawsuit for Truck Accident to Recover Losses?

Truck accidents leave behind huge losses, destruction and injuries to people. There is a possibility that more than two parties are involved in the accident. Establishing liability in such cases is a common bothering factor because the involvement of more people can complicate the facts. That’s why it is a good idea to get suggestions from injury lawyers. They have years of experience and immense knowledge in this area. They can go through the facts of the case more efficiently and give assistance at every step.

What is the statute of limitations?

In these cases, the victim can file a lawsuit against the trucking company or the truck driver within a stipulated time based on state laws. In many states, this time limit is 2-3 years while in many states it might be 90 days. A truck accident lawyer is the best person, who can tell you about these timelines according to the state laws. That’s why, you should contact him once you recover a bit from your injuries. Your family members can also contact a good lawyer right after the accident so that you don’t miss these deadlines. 

Importance of statute of limitations

It is significant to learn why meeting these deadlines is important. Some of the reasons have been discussed below:

Loss of evidence

As the time goes by, the chances of evidence being lost and destroyed are higher. To resolve these complex matters, the court needs to look at the facts of the case. If they are not with the victim, the court will have to dismiss the case. 

Certainty of the case 

If the victim is unable to file the case within the statute of limitations, it will give certainty to another party that he won’t be sued after that time period.  It may be a relief to him and he can carry on with his life.

Abide by laws 

If state laws have given a timeframe to the victim, he will have to follow these laws strictly. This can make him more responsible toward the laws and the judicial system.

Hiring a truck accident lawyer 

If you have been hurt in a truck accident, you need to hire a lawyer because these laws are complex. Several facts and figures need to be assessed and evaluated before the compensation is awarded to the victim. A good lawyer can look into these facts more efficiently. 

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