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Adventure Junkies: Laser Quest Singapore

The Laser Quest Singapore team is on a mission to bring the Laser Quest experience to people who crave adventure. Laser Quest Singapore has been one of the leading laser tag companies in Asia for more than two decades, and they are excited to be opening their first overseas location in Las Vegas!

Laser Quest Singapore incorporates an exciting gameplay environment that is also safe and friendly. So, if you are contemplating amazing family fun or competitive activity, come check out Laser Quest today! Laser Quest Singapore offers Laser Tag and Laser Maze. Laser Tag is where two teams compete to take out the enemy team’s players with laser guns while dodging their opponents’ beams in a maze-like arena. Laser Maze has participants navigating through a tall tower of rooms, collecting clues along the way for solving puzzles at each room’s exit.

In addition to Laser Tag and Laser Maze, there are also special events you can enjoy, such as Capture the Flag Lazer Wars (a game that combines strategy and speed) or even Zombie Apocalypse! For those looking for something extra comfortable, try our Escape Room Challenge, which puts people into an escape environment filled with clues they must use to find the key and get out. Laser Quest Singapore is perfect for any adventure junkie looking to have a blast in our Laser Tag arena, solving puzzles in Laser Maze, or playing Capture The Flag Lazer Wars with friends!


And there you have it on just one of the many types of games Laser Quest has at your disposal. If you’ve never tried laser tag before because you thought it was too expensive or intimidating, now might be your chance as Laser Quest offers introductory pricing all year long where two players will only pay S$11 per person (normally $15) and four players will only pay S$22 per person (normally $30).

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