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5 Best Facebook Ad Campaigns to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Over the years, social media platforms have significantly evolved. Their purpose grew from being networks where people around the world can connect to powerful business tools.

Almost every company that operates online leverages social media for marketing purposes.

Some build brand awareness through social media, while others try to boost their sales. Regardless of the reason behind using social media, no one can deny that social media marketing and advertising can be invaluable assets to online companies.

However, the social media environment is quite different from other media channels. This landscape is quite difficult to navigate if you don’t know what you’re doing. The main reason is that social media users frequently change their behavior based on the trends they’re currently following.

Some users even listen to social media influencers who shape their behavior and purchasing decisions. In other words, you’re never really sure what you’re up against.

To help companies out in one way or another, the majority of social media platforms have created various tools for companies to use. One such tool is Facebook Ads that allows you to advertise seamlessly on that platform.

With that in mind, here are a few of the best Facebook Ad campaigns to help you boost eCommerce sales.

Leverage Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic product ads is a type of retargeting strategy on Facebook that allows you to reach out to consumers who are already familiar with your eCommerce store. These consumers visited your online store, but they were hesitant about making a purchase for some reason.

You can follow up with them on Facebook and present them with your dynamic product ads so you can encourage them to change their mind. The way it works is that you can upload your product catalog on Facebook, and your campaign manager will pull details about your products from there, such as images, pricing, features etc.

This is great because the process is automated, and you don’t have to include information about individual products manually. That would last forever, especially if you have a large number of products at your store.

Next, you can create Custom Audiences based on the data you’ve collected about your consumers and their behavior on your website. This will help you target a specific group of people with your ads.

All that is left to do is run your ads and Facebook will display related products and offer on their newsfeed based on their preferences and interests.

Use Lookalike Audiences to gate more exposure

Targeting as many social media users on Facebook as you can with your ads is of vital importance for your eCommerce sales. Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences feature helps you attract more customers, as well as helps broaden your reach.

It works similarly to the Custom Audiences feature. Still, instead of promoting products and offers to users, it actually finds more users with similar or identical interests and preferences as your customers.

You can use your Custom Audiences data for your ad campaign or pull information from other relevant sources, such as Facebook Fans, for instance. If you’re uncertain about creating an ideal ad campaign, you can always consult with a PPC marketing agency.

After all, experts know how to utilize consumer information in the best way possible. For example, if you provide the Lookalike feature with details about your best customers, it will produce better results than feeding it with information about all of your customers.

Multi-product advertisement

Another Facebook feature that can help you boost eCommerce sales is the so-called Multi-product ads. It does exactly what its name suggests – it allows you to promote multiple products in a single ad.

This is a very valuable feature because it helps you present various relevant products to your customers on social media. This increases conversion rates because consumers have multiple products to choose from. Moreover, this feature is ideally suited for your cross-sell and up-sell promotions, as well.

Many PPC companies leverage this method because it reduces the costs-per-click. In other words, instead of creating an ad for every product, you’re creating an ad for multiple products, but it still counts as one click. In addition, such ad campaigns result in higher engagement and better click-through rates because Facebook users like to browse through the products displayed on your ad.

Tell your story

Boosting sales for your eCommerce store is not just about promoting products to Facebook users. As a matter of fact, it’s also about showing them what your online store is all about and helping users relate to your brand in a more personal way.

Let’s not forget that despite all of its marketing tools and features, Facebook is still a social platform first and foremost. Therefore, you’ll have to socialize with your audience if you want them to buy your products. Your Facebook ad campaign can help you do that as well.

One of the ways you can use Facebook Ads is to tell your story and engage in conversation with your audience. Therefore, instead of promoting products, use your ad campaign to promote your online store. Your ads are an ideal medium for conveying your brand message to Facebook users.

You can even use videos in your ads to truly capture your users’ attention. The main reason is that visual content performs exceptionally well on social media platforms. For example, using visuals in your Facebook campaigns can generate 65% more engagement in just a month after you start using it.

Intent-based targeting ads

As you may know by now, you can use Custom and Lookalike audiences to target any specific group of people based on various factors ranging from demographics to preferences. What’s interesting is that Facebook has yet another neat feature that can really come in handy, which is intent-based targeting for your ads.

 So, what can you use this for? Among other things, you can use Facebook’s intent-based targeting to steal some customers from your competitors, especially customers who are unsatisfied with the competitive store and are on the lookout for alternatives.

Don’t think for a second that this is unethical or immoral because your competitors are doing the same to you. Sometimes, boosting sales means using whatever means necessary to achieve your goal.

But back to the matter at hand. Intent-based targeting requires that you alter your Custom audience a bit and use your competitor’s name as an “interest” factor so that Facebook’s algorithm can do its magic.

The general idea is not to just spam your competitors’ customers with your own offers. Instead, you have to provide them with the right offer that will solve their problem and encourage them to buy from your store.

Closing word

Facebook is a social media network that can do wonders for your eCommerce sales. However, when using Facebook ad campaigns, you have to be smart and use the right approach.

Sometimes everything comes down to sending the right message to the right people at the right moment.

If you fail to establish a relationship with your audience and engage with them regularly, your product promotions won’t be as nearly as effective as they can be.

Author bio:- Tomas is a digital marketing specialist and a freelance blogger. His work is focusing on new web tech trends and digital voice distribution across different channels.

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