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4 designs of printing special wedding cards

If you are getting tied to your spouse in a ceremony, you need all your friends and loved ones around for the happy times. Depending on the number of guests you need for the event, you will have to set a budget aside for printing wedding cards for your guests. The price of wedding card invitations printing differs based on designs with most of the couples today preferring to choose commercial printing companies for printing their wedding cards. This though not new is now a popular method of achieving the right engravings on your wedding card. Check out below some of the common designs to use for printing your wedding stationery.


Letterpress is a different type of printing that involves doing work by hand. The type of printing can give high-quality wedding invitation cards, however its price and timeline need advanced preparations. Since this is a labor-intensive procedure, the price for each unique color you want will rise based on the quote you get from the printing firm. It is rarely used, however it is still the perfect styling design for those that can manage the pricing and the patience involved.


Have you ever felt a paper print with engravings inside that could be felt from the back? This is an ancient printing technique used to achieve high-quality styling and aesthetic appeal for the print material after the procedure. Once an engraving is made on a copper plate, inks are deposited into the impressions and with about 3,000 pounds worth of weight, a paper print is pressed to give it the engraved type of lettering. It is a costly and time-consuming method that most mainstream printing firms choose to avoid.


Engravings are the best options one can get in the market, however the high budget involved could easily limit you from choosing it. Thermography printing is the best option to use for engravings that are of high quality but have a manageable budget based on your total wedding budget. The method entails the use of heat on resins and inks on the print surface to cause expansions on the letters making them visible from the surface. It is a top method of maintaining your class, even with a limited budget compared to the high cost and time wasted when waiting for engraved wedding invitations to be sent back to your address after making your order.

Flat printing

This entails a combination of digital and offsets hacks that culminate into a fine print that is smooth to touch.  The offset hack is where images are transferred from a metal plate to a rubber surface before being transferred to the final print. The digital technique is much simpler as the computer is involved with the printer readily taking commands from the computer on what and how to print. It is a mainstream form of printing that has been used by magazines and catalogs production for their cost-efficiency. You can choose this method of printing your wedding cards, however it is a basic one with low aesthetic appeal if you have guests with high expectations.

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