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3 Reasons To Get Snow Out Of Your Car

You know the feeling well. It’s morning; you’ve just had your coffee, put on your coats, and are ready to go. Or else, it’s the end of the day, and you think about getting home and relaxing. In both cases, you looked at your car and remembered that it snowed buckets and was covered to the roof. Is it essential to remove snow from the car? You can call on snow removal companies like ninja de-icer for instance to help you clear snow.

It’s Illegal

The police love catching pranksters who leave their Mohawk hairstyle on their cars. IT IS. That block of snow that stayed where you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) reach is a favorite spot for the police. The gyro flex glowing in the car’s rearview mirror can be followed by a verbal warning and up to a hefty fine of a few hundred dollars. Although there is no blitz warning or big warnings about it, don’t mark it silly because they are watching 100% of the time.

It’s Dangerous

One of the most significant risks drivers face on the roads is visibility. A split second can be the difference between getting home and ending up in a hospital bed. Removing snow and ice from the windows should not be limited to the front and rear windshields. Many drivers ignore the importance of side windows, even the rear ones. In doing so, they further diminish the vision of blind angles.

By not removing snow or ice from the car, you are creating a risk for others. The driver behind you could be hit by a block that detaches itself from your car and momentarily loses visibility. If you have to brake sharply at that moment and the driver behind doesn’t come, “see you later.”

There is yet another more significant risk. Sometimes the snow on top of the car doesn’t fly away and turns to ice. At a given moment, the car’s heat makes the hood hot enough for that block of ice to break free and fly away. Depending on these pieces’ size and speed, they can become real projectiles and hit whoever comes behind. And don’t think it needs to be a very big chunk. Sometimes something the size of a tennis ball can do a lot of damage.


Laziness can be even more expensive for those who ignore windshield wipers. The buildup of ice and snow causes the wipers to work harder, straining the engine and overheating it. In this game, you may be forced to spend on blades, supports, and even the wipers’ motor.

And if you think it’s cheap, there’s another drawback. The heater vent area is right where the snow accumulates on many cars, near the windshield. If that area is covered, air exchange becomes more difficult, the heater needs to work harder, and consequently, you spend more. Plus, of course, the risk of overheating. You can learn about ice melt vs rock salt here.

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