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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Using UVC Sanitizers


Hospital grade UV light has been proven to be the best investment in a UV sanitizer the healthcare department can make. It is a safe and effective way to keep common areas including homes free of germs and viruses. It is an eco-friendly method that can be used to disinfect the smallest of surfaces such as phones, furniture, etc. However, it is noteworthy that UVC also poses harm to human health, more so when you come into direct contact with it. To prevent this, it is essential to exercise caution when using this method. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid.

Being present in the room

Just because hospital-grade uv lights do not penetrate the human skin or eye does not mean you should expose yourself to it or be present in a room where the device is disinfecting. Exposure to UVC radiation is harmful, Continuous exposure to the radiation could cause skin damage. You should ensure that when the device is on, no one is present including pets. The good thing with R-Zero UV light disinfection of hospitals is that they allow a short time for people to vacate the room before the disinfection process starts. Accidents do happen. If you notice the UV light device is leaking during use, immediately deactivate it and call a specialized technician to check it.

Changing the Power Supply Adapter

You may think it is okay to change up the adapters for their electrical appliance. However, this is a grave mistake. Do not at any point use the UV light device’s adapter to supply power to other products or use a different adapter to supply the UV light device with power. You should only use the device’s adapter that comes with the appliance. You should also find a strategic location in your home or the target ears where you can install the UV disinfection device. The location should be of the right distance from the target object or area to allow maximum utilization of the device’s capabilities. Choose an open area with no obstruction such as furniture.

Not following the manufacturer’s user manual

Safety is important when operating your UV-C systems. And despite the UV light system, you end up getting for your cleaning needs, not following the best practices when operating these systems can be harmful. To avoid this, you should have your cleaning team refer to the operations manual if unsure of how to use the units. Also, make sure employees and cleaning teams are trained on safety measures when the unit is running. Also, ensure that your system comes with detailed information on how you can safely use it in your facility.

Always be careful when dealing with UV light disinfection units. Take some time and learn how the device should be used and always use the right parts supplied for it. Never handle it with wet hands or sprinkle it into or onto it with any form of liquid. During use, ensure the room is fully vacated and call a technician in case of any leakage.

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