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Why Choose Misting Systems for Dust Control

Dust is produced in the construction processes such as spraying, sanding, coating, blasting, and grinding. As such, dust can cause serious health problems to your workforce if not well managed. For this reason, dust control and odor control are essential in any construction site.

Even then, misting systems help in dust suppression in several industries. Although misting systems are known for indoor and outdoor cooling, they can also be used in dust control. They are often used in the demolition, recycling, mining, and shipping industries. To find the right system for your construction site, check out for the different types of misting systems to suit your needs.

Industrial Dust Suppression with Misting Systems

High pressure misting systems work by creating high concentrations of ultra-thin droplets with a diameter of 10 microns. These water droplets can capture and suppress miniature dust particles. A 10-micron water droplet provides the optimum performance for the control and lure of pm 10 and smaller dust particles. With very little chance to escape, the mist system can remove all the breathable and fugitive dust from anywhere between 1 to 1000 microns.

How industrial misting systems can benefit your company

An industrial misting system makes a great option over the air-conditioning unit when you consider the cost, cooling, and productivity. Next, let’s take a look at some benefits to help you better understand misting systems.

Increased employee productivity

Research has shown that high employee absenteeism and turnover rates mostly result from low morale and physical discomfort. And this can dramatically impact workers’ performance and productivity. However, when you install a misting system in your warehouse and loading docks, you’ll easily give your workers a comfortable environment. This in turn will recharge your most valuable asset – your workforce.

Low-cost solutions

When you install industrial misting systems and fans, you can effortlessly cool your warehouse at half the amount you’d incur when using an air-conditioning unit. Also, you could recover or earn back your investment made towards the industrial misting systems in under a year. As such, misting systems are cost-effective and will use less energy when compared to an air-conditioning unit. Therefore, you won’t worry about incurring high energy bills. Besides this, misting systems are also crucial in lower the likelihood of machinery breakdown. Therefore, by installing misting systems in your warehouse, you’ll easily disperse higher heat emissions from industrial processes and machinery thus ensuring your equipment lasts longer.

Efficient cooling

Missing systems can help you cool your warehouse instantly when compared to A/Cs that need more energy and time to cool bigger spaces like warehouses, more so during the summers. The misting systems work by emitting tiny water droplets that are then quickly absorbed by the surrounding hot air. This then vaporizes the droplets into mist/cool air. When compared to air-conditioning units, the industrial misting systems don’t need air condensing. And they’ll provide you and your workers with efficient cooling fast.

By installing misting units in your warehouse, you’ll easily lower the number of breaks that workers need thereby increasing their performance and work productivity. Misting systems can also help ensure your equipment lasts longer by easily dispersing higher heat emissions from the machinery.

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