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Virtual Escape Room Singapore:  Uncover Mysteries

Thinking of a virtual date idea? Or need a virtual hangout plan with friends or family? We agree with you. The social distancing guidelines have made things difficult. But do not lose hope yet. This highly popular and fun Virtual Escape Room Singapore experience will prove to be the best thing you’ve ever done in this catastrophe year.

The Virtual Escape Room

With the new fear of stepping outside, virtual escape rooms bring your opportunity to enjoy the joyous experience straight from the comfort of your bed.

The pandemic 2020 left us with total frustration and unproductivity. But through this, you can improve your thinking abilities and expand the horizons of your capabilities of working together as a team.

How does it work?

This works by providing an affirmative and positive working environment hosted on virtual platforms like- Google Meet, Teams, Zoom, etc.

A laptop and a good wi-fi connection are all you need to unveil the mysteries and secrets hidden in clues and puzzles.  They are specially designed to boost your thinking and problem-solving capabilities and energize the remoted teams playing with you.

One would need outside-the-box thinking to crack this interactive escape room game. So, to uncover enigma and mysteries – get ready with your sharpened mind and ‘GET SET GO!’.

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