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Valuable Features of Arborist Software for Better Tree Care Management 

An arborist trims and prunes shrubs and trees that can be a risk to roads, sidewalks and utility lines. They focus on enhancing the health and appearance of plants and trees. A huge tree caring project is extremely challenging for the arborist. There is a large-scale demand for field administration and paperwork.

When plenty of fieldwork is involved, it is hard to have an updated and clear oversight based on traditional field management and paperwork process. Advanced computer technology has introduced special apps for arborists. Large scale demand for performing tree inventory and tree inspections can be managed with ease.

Great arborist software features

Real-time mapping

In arboriculture, fieldwork involves short- and long-term projects. Caring for each tree differs in a large-scale project. It becomes crucial to gather data daily related to tree species, health evaluation, vigor, and risk. Handling administrative tasks simultaneously is difficult because focus may get shifted from the main goal i.e. tree care to unnecessary paperwork.

With features like real-time mapping, some of the daily burdens like instantly gathering, sorting, and analyzing field data can be attained with ease. Accurate data gets gathered fast with the arborist app, even images of tree injuries can be taken for follow-up. Such visual data can be valuable!

Location pinpoint

Mobile devices are great for data collection. They depend on GPS feature, which can get hindered due to satellite unavailability. Fortunately, the pinpoint tool feature allows us to accurately pointing location without depending on GPS availability. The pointer gets positioned on the exact location and marks it down accurately.


The tree care company has individual scheduling needs. It doesn’t matter if they need to schedule a single job including multiple services or manage a vast project for several days. Arborist software is compatible with your existing business process. The days when you applied whiteboard to schedule services, which could be checked when you were in the office is long gone.

Today, with scheduling feature you move to a digital group calendar that makes scheduling & modifying work simple. Integrate the software with Google interactive map and schedule jobs according to service type, location, and crew. Everyone will be productive in the field from 9 to 5.


Without any delays, a tree care service invoice can be sent from your mobile using the app. The software is also connected to your office, so the invoice made on the field will also get automatically stored in your accounting department. Thus, billing errors can be prevented!

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