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Top Reasons to Choose Node.JS For Web App Development

Node.js, PHP, Python, ASP.NET, Django, and Ruby are different platforms one can employ for website app development projects. However, you would agree that all these platforms cannot be used altogether to create an app. Hence, this article provides top reasons to consider this.

What is Node.js used for?

JavaScript is the commonest technology. At first, the focus was to develop the application’s frontend. Over time, this extended to the cross-platform and backend of desktop or mobile applications.

The focus use is for developing frontend and backend for applications via the common programming language, JavaScript. It has emerged to be a reliable platform in several areas like;

  1. Web App framework
  2. Static file server
  3. Browser games
  4. Automation and scripting
  5. Chat applications in real-time

Top reasons to consider Node.js for your next project

If you know a Node.js web development agency (like that prioritizes Node.Js over a different web app developer, you must confirm the following factors are present;

  • A development company must know the beneficial functionalities Node.js can add to their project.
  • Examine recent projects of the developer to have an overview of what you can expect for your application.
  • The company should be conversant with the software and must have gathered all the experiences necessary for an effective project.
  • It is essential to have some interactions with their team to have an idea of their communication skills.

Using Node.js platform when you want to develop assures the following benefits;

Node.js gives room for the latest trend of scalable applications

You can have your trendy project because of its performance booster, updated security patches, and recent JavaScript features. These characteristics make the service fast while the application can produce impressive several connections.

It supports microservices

Microservices improve the performance of the project. Every business wants to expand with time. Expansion of the business may require the integration of new features. Another great win about microservices is that you can split a large application into units you can scale and deploy independently.

It allows one to create of serverless web application

Maintenance of servers for web applications needs a lot of money and time. However, the use of Node.js can save your project from such an additional cost while you can use the time and money for a different project. A great developer can handle the complication that comes with maintaining and managing the servers.

It enhances the cross-platform application

Your project does not require a maximal amount of code lines to design desktop variations for Windows, macOS and Linux. This is one of the simplest tasks in creating an application. A developer does not require much expertise in programming languages to create a native application.

It has reliable corporate support

Many organizations back the development of Node.js. These companies speed up the development so that it can be broadly adopted. Important organizations that were the foundations included Microsoft, Paypal and Fidelity. These firms use Node.js in their production and growth.

Other prominent companies like Uber and Medium are part of companies that employ Node.js. Without question, Node.js is a software development technology with great potentials. You can also become a Node.js development company.

Node.js enables a low learning curve

It allows the client and the server sides will both benefit from using the similar language. Rather than have two separate teams, both teams can be on a side. Of course, it does not need many people to design. There is no need for many developers because you just need a switch. There is no need to alternate between the two ends (front and back).


Companies of web applications that use the service of Node.js enjoy the benefits of full-stack development. The software increases the ability to share the code and supports the free exchange of knowledge. It aids productivity. Your project has all it needs to enjoy great engineering speed. At this age, your project can hardly function well without Node.js web development services.

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