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The Kastle Systems

Gene Samburg, once a U. S Secret Service agent, founded the Kastle Systems in 1972. Kastle Systems is an award-winning company that provides 24- hours monitoring and maintains security on its client’s premises. It serves both private businesses and government clients. A client can visit the company website( for orders and inquiries.

Services we provide

Managed access control systems

The Kastle System is a top-notch managed access control system unmatched with any other system worldwide. By acquiring the system, a customer is guaranteed a 24/7 access control system that dismisses security as a worry option. It doesn’t all end on the small access control readers installed behind your doors. Each of the client’s systems and data is backed up in adherence to the government’s strict data protection policies ensuring no infringements whatsoever.  In addition to the extra security, a touch of design is enhanced in the hand-crafted signature reader that proudly displays your logo etched in the glass.

Cloud Video surveillance

Video today is an essential part of any security operation. This is because it offers you a visual understanding of your property and potential security incidents both in real time and even records of events that took place in the past. The cloud-based KastleSafeVideo® is a remote video surveillance platform that can maintain security while also reducing operating costs using cutting-edge video technology. Here, artificial intelligence (AI) based video surveillance is also used. It provides clients with powerful video analytics and remote guarding services to fortify security without increasing staff in commercial and family properties.

With Kastle systems, customers can choose among two of the company’s monitoring options:

  • Monitoring their Properties by themselves with live viewing, recorded event clips and pushed notifications or,
  • Employing Kastle’s monitoring expertise using smart cameras with artificial intelligence to provide real-time incident response from a U.S.-based Video Security Operations Centre (VSOC)

Unlike Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Kastle systems have inculcated the use of Cloud Video Recorders (CVR), making them pioneers in the industry. The use of CVR only requires a password for one to access real-time feeds of your premises. This therefore means no complex hardware is required and no expensive scheduled maintenance and replacement on the surveillance equipment.

With other security systems only recording events, the Kastle System records and proactively notifies the client on real-time events through push notifications on your phone and portal.

Mobile platform

With Kastle Systems, KastlePresence® becomes the new key to a premise. This is a smartphone application with unlimited capabilities for Kastle system clients. Some of KastlePresence distinct features include:

Hands-Free Access

Who said that a person physically needs to open the door? With Kastle systems, a smartphone via KastlePresence will do the work on the person’s behalf. Here, dynamic mobile keys are used in combination with Photo-ID mobile credentials making KastlePresence the safest mobile security platform globally. Unlike hackable radio-frequency identification (RFID) or standard Bluetooth solutions, KastlePresence elevates your security.

Crowdsourced Emergency Response

This enables staff or tenants to communicate with the right people instantly during an emergency. Leveraging the people’s power in a premise ensures more immediate reporting with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information. KastleAlert® gives one the ability to more effectively manage time-sensitive emergencies that require evacuation or sheltering in place. Users can share and receive ongoing updates and report safety status via KastleAlert, with added context for Incident Commanders.

Data Insight and User Connectivity

Have amenity room usage and more data at your fingertips. With the KastlePresence mobile security platform, users can utilize instant mass notification capabilities for easier outreach to all employees and tenants.


 KastleVideo, through advances in analytics, can be programmed to alert the user through push notifications on their mobile phone when something noteworthy happens in their premise. It also makes video sharing easy from the comfort of one’s mobile phone or even desktop.

Visitor management system

KastleFrontOffice® delivers a one-of-a-kind visitor management experience unlike others in the industry. It helps a company securely increase their pre-authorized visitor rates and decrease wait times and congestion in their lobbies. This is made possible by enabling visitor registration directly from Microsoft Outlook or Gmail to user-friendly barcodes that are emailed to visitors for a better check-in experience.

Kastle also issues badges to employees and visitors of their premises. The badges have the names and faces embedded for identification purposes. This will help one verify that only authorized individuals can come and go into a particular place. With the KastleFrontOffice, you may also have a list of those people who need to be stopped from coming into the building, alternatively, VIPs, for whom exceptional care should be provided.

Fire system and life safety monitoring

Fire system monitoring and rapid alarm response is key to protecting a property and those it hosts. Kastle Systems is an experienced partner with deep expertise to defend the premise in the most advanced and efficient way possible in the industry available. Critical alarms such as the fire alarms are closely monitored and adequate rapid response dispatched within seconds of the alarm going off. All the alarms are usually sent to multiple monitoring centers. Regular testing of the equipment and alarm functionality ensures undisputed safety on the premise.

Integrated identity management

Kastle has helped the industry create an open standard by integrating both physical and logical security. This has made it simple to enroll newly hired employees automatically, and similarly, to revoke access rights when an employee is fired or resigns. This makes it easier to set up, manage and keep aligned amidst changes in your business.

Environmental Control

Kastle critical sensor monitoring protects systems from various potential disasters caused by unexpected changes in the environment. It provides immediate notification of critical environmental or system changes so that action can be taken before the damage is done.

Kastle Systems provides a variety of sensor monitoring services. They include:

  • Room and equipment temperature monitoring
  • Water level measurement
  • Loss of power notification
  • System off alert, and
  • Equipment Tamper monitoring

Kastle Systems are fully accountable partners for all clients in need of security services. They emphasize on customer service that ensures a safer property for a more comfortable life.

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