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Permanent Scars After A Dog Bite

Almost every person in the United States has a great, unconditional love for dogs. Many families keep not one but multiple dogs as pets in their house and consider them a part of the household. However, no matter how friendly dogs may be, they can leave impactful injuries when they attack and bite you. Many victims continue to experience trauma for a long time. 

Some dog bites are mild, while others can leave permanent injuries, scars, and even disfigurement. These injuries do not only bring a change in your appearance but your functionality as well. If a dog bite has left you with permanent scars and injuries, you deserve justice. Talk to a dog bite attorney and click here

Why do dog bites lead to permanent scarring?

While dogs are often considered friendly animals, one must not forget that these canines are born with strong jaws and sharp teeth. Moreover, the force of their bite can go up as much as 500 pounds. When a dog bites human flesh with such force, it can result in severe soft tissue damage and lead to permanent scarring and disfigurement. 

Medical researchers have also said that dog bites are more likely to result in scarring when they become infected, as the infection interferes with the healing process. Children are more likely to get scars from dog bites than adults. 

Dog bite scars can affect the mental well-being of the victim. 

People often talk about the physical consequences of being bitten by a dog. However, acknowledging the mental consequences is equally important. Dog bites can be deep into the skin, be weirdly shaped, and be of varying colors when they heal. Therefore, as you can imagine, dog bites are much more noticeable than other types of scars. 

Perhaps the most noticeable form of a dog bite is when they attack your face. Facial scars can alter your appearance permanently, and victims may be frustrated about having a scar on their body that constantly reminds them of the traumatic incident. 

There are psychological effects of dog bite scars as well. It is common for people with scars to experience depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and poor body image. Children are often bullied for their appearance, and adults worry about how their appearance will impact their professional and romantic life. 

What should you do if you have a permanent scar from a dog bite?

If someone else’s dog has bitten you because the owner was not being careful, you deserve compensation. Speak to an attorney today. 

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