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Linux vs Windows: Which is the Best Platform for Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is a cost-effective and straightforward way of entering the web hosting industry. As a reseller, you purchase resources from a hosting company, create customised hosting packages based on your client’s requirements, and sell them. In recent years, as the number of websites grew, the demand for hosting services grew too. It has been an opportunity for many individuals and businesses to start a web hosting business.

While it may seem easy to start, choosing the right plan and resources is essential for success. Also, the choice of operating system (Windows or Linux) makes a difference in the way you run and manage your services too. Today, we are going to compare Windows and Linux to help you determine the best Reseller Hosting plan for your business.

Comparing Windows and Linux-based Reseller Hosting plans

Feature Comparison
Customisation options When you are looking to customise the hosting environment to suit the needs of your website, you need an operating system that offers the most options. When you compare Windows and Linux, the latter provides more options making it a favourite among Hosting Resellers.
Application Compatibility When you run a web hosting business, you may need to use numerous applications. The Reseller Hosting plan that you purchase will offer various options to install the apps required by your website.

A quick comparison between these platforms highlights the broader choice of the applications provided by Linux. Also, some applications run only on either Windows or Linux. Hence, if your site needs specific applications, then you will have to use the appropriate operating system.

Reliability of the OS Both platforms are stable and reliable. However, Linux is more reliable since it is an open-source platform and receives regular updates. It makes Linux relatively more stable as compared to Windows.
.NET-based web applications If your website uses .NET-based applications, then Windows-based plans make more sense than Linux.
Costs The cost of the Reseller Hosting plan is a crucial aspect since Hosting Resellers try to buy the most cost-efficient plans. Since Linux is an open-source platform, the best Linux Reseller Hosting plans are cheaper than comparable Windows Hosting plans,  since Windows is a licensed platform.
Ease of use Windows allows you to set up and configure your server in no time. It is also easier with Windows as compared to Linux.
Security features Regardless of the operating system, the hosting service provider ensures that they deploy the latest security tools and takes all precautions to keep the server secure. However, as far as security options offered by the operating system are concerned, Windows has a slight advantage over Linux.

Summing Up

Both Linux and Windows have their pros and cons. So rather than looking at the benefits offered by them, assess the hosting requirements of your site, and choose the platform accordingly. You also need to think about how comfortable you are with both platforms. Remember, you will be responsible for the performance of the websites of your clients. Hence, it is crucial to choose a platform that allows you to offer the best services. Good Luck!

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