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Is Your Hotel Using Technology to Improve Guest Experience?


The hotel industry is a business that is forever undergoing changes. Hotel managers need to use modern technologies to keep at par with the competition in the market and to cater to the ever-changing demands of the guests. These days, guests expect hotels to have the most advanced technology that can make their stay a memorable experience. Modern technology also adds a measure of ease to the staying experience of the guests while improving the productivity of the staff as they are able to automate repetitive tasks.

From the moment that a guest starts looking for a hotel room, their mind is also concerned about the modern amenities offered by the hotel. The first step a hotel manager can take to meet this demand of guests is to use a cloud-based property management system. A cloud PMS forms the base on which many of the modern technologies can be used properly and efficiently. Gone are the days of legacy PMS when the software was slow and full of bugs that made everyday hotel tasks difficult. With modern cloud PMS, hotels can be at the cutting edge of technology while improving their profits, adding to the staff productivity, and adding to the guests’ stay experience.

Important Things to Know About Cloud-based Property Management System


When you choose a cloud-based property management system, you can rest assured your hotel’s software will be future-proof. Here are some things you should know about cloud PMS.

Highly customizable – You can customize the cloud software to suit the needs of your property. Need to handle a small number of rooms or create your own branding on the software’s interface, you can do it all. You can choose the information that you need displayed on the dashboard so that the staff can work efficiently.

Regularly Updated – The software gets regular updates so that any security risks can be handled before they become a problem. The updates also add new features so that the software is compatible with new and upcoming technologies.

Affordable – Compared to legacy PMS, cloud PMS is highly affordable as there is only a monthly subscription fee after the initial setup. Users get advanced services with regular updates and also get advantages such as customer care and a modern interface for conducting their hospitality business.

High-End Security – The cloud-based PMS comes with military-grade security that keeps all your hotel data as well the information of your guests under military-grade encryption. As the software is backed up on the cloud, the data can be retrieved in case of a data loss at the hotel in case of an accident. You can rest assured your data will be safe and only accessible by the people with genuine credentials.

Popular technology Trends that Hotels can Follow

Artificial Intelligence – AI is the hottest thing in the market right now and it can also help hotels to supercharge their services. There are many applications for AI in the hospitality environment with tasks such as answering customer queries, giving suggestions to guests, creating reports and drawing conclusions from reports after examining the data, and much more. Hotels can use cloud PMS that brings in AI powered chatbots and allows automation of basic tasks in hotels. Using AI for automation frees up the time of the staff and they can interact with the guests to enhance their experience.

Mobile Applications – Most people use their mobile phones to search for and book accommodation these days. Having a mobile app for the hotel adds a touch of professionalism and trust to the image of the hotel. Creating an app with the hotel’s branding means guests can be sure they are dealing with hospitality professionals that take their job seriously.

There are several features and functions of the app that guests can use and the use cases are limited only by your imagination. Guests can use the app to check-in and check-out of their room. They can also use the app to enter their room if they prefer keyless entry. The app can also give guests access to room service. Hotels can also program offers to upsell their services through the app. Another use case is providing users with the information about local sights and attractions in the hotel app.

Voice Controlled Devices – Using voice controlled smart devices in the hotel rooms is a great way to add a futuristic touch to a hotel room. Guests can simply tell the smart devices in their room to switch on the lights or change the temperature. Voice controlled devices can also play music or stream content from Netflix or Amazon as per the user’s choice. Smart devices help hotels to create a unique experience for the guests.


Using a reliable hotel software solution is crucial for successfully managing multiple properties. With all the choices available in the field of hospitality software it is not easy to find a software solution that meets expectations while also being within your budget. With advanced technologies being introduced in the hospitality segment, it is even more important to use a software solution that understands the needs of growing businesses.

At mycloud Hospitality, the firm offers advanced software solutions that are created by a team with several years of experience in the hospitality industry. The unique software solutions provided by the company can help hotel managers in easily working with new technologies. The software offered by mycloud Hospitality is designed with the convenience of the end users in mind. Further, the software can be customized to the smallest level to meet the needs and requirements of the organization.

Interested in seeing the software in action? You can schedule a demonstration of the mycloud Hospitality software suite today. Give a call at +1-415-390-5039 and the team will schedule a demonstration at a time of your choice. You can also browse through for more information.

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