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Import Auto Repair: Dealers Versus Independent Shops

Sooner or later, every luxury vehicle owner grapples with this particular decision: in the event you bring your vehicle to some dealer or independent look for maintenance and repairs? Both can meet your auto repair needs and both include their own individual group of benefits and drawbacks. No matter anybody else’s advice, make the choice that’s good for you as well as your vehicle. Here’s a glance at a few of the drawbacks and perks of likely to a completely independent shop or dealer. Their list can’t decide for you personally however it should make selecting a bit simpler.

Independent Shops

Nine occasions from ten, independent garages are smaller sized and fewer costly than dealer shops. Additionally they have a tendency to get greater marks for customer support than dealer shops do. Because independent shops are frequently smaller sized, you will find the chance to get at be aware of auto technician caring for your vehicle. You might also need much more of an chance to inquire about the car repair technicians question and find out more about your import.

If you are worried that the smaller sized garage might not be outfitted to deal with your car’s unique issues and maintenance requirement, you actually don’t have any need to worry. Because of new software packages, independent garages across the nation have the same repair information as dealers. Honestly, the only real disadvantage to likely to a completely independent shop is quitting your brand-new-vehicle warranty. For any repair to become included in a brand new-vehicle warranty, it should be come to the dealership.


Dealers have an advantage of all independent shops due to their direct ties towards the manufacturer of the vehicle. However that you simply hardly ever begin to see the specialist who’s caring for your vehicle so that you can frequently lose out on lots of important and fascinating information. You could ask to speak with the auto technician whenever you take the vehicle directly into be serviced through the dealer. You need to simply be ready to make contact with a different auto technician any time you go.

Another disadvantage to taking your vehicle towards the dealer rather of the independent shop may be the cost. You have a tendency to pay two times just as much (or even more) in a dealer than you need to do a completely independent garage. When your new-vehicle warranty expires though, there is not much holding you back associated with the dealership. For a minute to actually compare the 2 side-by-side, this is exactly what you need to see:

An agreement lacks personal touch and slaps you by having an unbelievable bill any time you require an auto repair publish-warranty.

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