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How To Make A Video: Reflection

Entering the competition in the video production market like Gillespie productions for example requires a lot of willingness. Like a documentary script, the content can be relevant to the audience, but they can abandon you if you don’t plan to attract viewers in a few seconds.

Reflect On The Narrative Structure

You don’t need to start writing immediately, but you should consider that human beings tend to pay more attention to linear content. So, as in an essay, the tip is to build a narrative with a beginning, middle, and end. But, that story of introduction, development, and conclusion again? So, it is! Speak the truth, aren’t these the stories that catch your attention the most? Think of the content in the form of a story. Come on.


And now! At this initial moment, you will capture your viewer’s attention. That’s why it’s essential to know it: for greater viewer retention, you can start the video by addressing the problem that attracted you. Soon after, inform that you will soon tell the solution.


This is a phase of greater reflection regarding the possibilities of the theme and the presentation of some of them. Many videos could start with the exposition of the problem, presenting the solution and end. And that’s the feeling that many viewers feel. So be different, be original. This is the time to develop and explore the theme from different angles that arouse the public’s curiosity and do not make them jump to conclusions.


Here, a summary of the main points covered will be given. You can (and should) write a strong call to action for viewers to access your other platforms, products, services, or whatever else you offer. Learn here How to Improve Recruitment Process for Your Company.

Be Objective

In addition to thinking that the video must fulfill the purpose for which it was proposed, you must be careful not to make it tiring for your subscribers. So, based on the theme and the study of your personas, define an ideal dimension goal and respect it.

The duration tolerated by users varies according to the theme, the degree of proximity to the brand, and the relevance and dynamism of the content. However, you need to find a compromise between pissing off your audience and rushing interesting content out of fear that they’ll abandon you.

The big tip is to create a clear script, with small introductions that reveal what will be covered immediately. Thus, the development, in turn, can be better exposed – using practical examples or the storytelling technique, for example, but without making it extensive.

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