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How MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting Differs from Shared Hosting

Web hosting services have changed over the years and evolved into many variants. With the introduction of new technologies, better server machines and ever-increasing demands, it is now possible to introduce fast, stable and high-performance hosting services.

Even the most basic web hosting service, shared hosting, has improved immensely. The providers have improved their hardware to increase speed, disk space and provide better and quick data transfers. No wonder it still has the largest market share among all other hosting services.

MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting

MilesWeb is one of the most trusted web hosting companies that is growing and taking over its rivals one by one. The secret behind the overwhelming progress of this hosting provider is its high-performance servers. These servers are capable of hosting websites with heavy software and handle heavy data traffics. To add to it, they provide wholesome customer support to the clients, resolving any queries they have related to hosting. Linux Shared hosting service is the staple product for MilesWeb. Of course, they have put a lot of thought into drafting the service plans.

What do you Get?

MilesWeb has designed three plans for its shared hosting services. Each of the plans comes with these impressive features.

Control Panel: You can maintain and manage your hosting with the help of an easy-to-use web-based control panel. The control panel is a web application that allows users to control backend hosting configurations like creating FTP accounts, databases, email accounts, etc.

Instant Hosting: MilesWeb is one of the few companies out there that provides hosting with zero waiting time. Your hosting goes live, as your hosting account is ready to use within no time upon payment confirmation. You also receive an email that contains the login details of your control panel account. The entire process is concluded instantly without much fuss.

Free SSL Certificate: You get a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate for no additional cost with MilesWeb’s shared hosting. Online security is the concern of every online user as cyber crimes are on the rise. That is why users always take care to browse websites certified and secured with an SSL certificate. Naturally, SSL certifications build trust among those who visit your website.

Malware Scan and Removal: MilesWeb’s shared hosting comes with a malware removal tool that prevents your site from any threats and malware. This tool actively scans your website for any suspicious malware and allows you to clean this malware. It is frustrating to be the victim of a hacked site so, this feature is most welcome.

Full SSD: MilesWeb hosts the websites on servers hardwired with SSD drives. SSD drives are the fastest, most efficient disk storages that maximize the performance of websites. By some estimates, these drives can perform up to 200% better than conventional HDD drives.

Datacenter Choice: You can choose the data center that is nearest to your target audience as MilesWeb provides options for your data center location. If you want to pick the perfect data center, then first know the region where your target audience resides.

24/7 Customer Support: MilesWeb provides a 24/7 customer support service for all of its clients. You can chat, email or contact the support with the ticket system. Their customer executives are highly trained and provide quick and accurate responses to your queries.

On a different subject, the majority of the websites on the internet are designed using a content management system (CMS). The most popular and widespread among them is WordPress. Currently, over 35% of all the websites on the internet use WordPress as their CMS platform. However, it takes time and technical knowledge to install and manage WordPress on shared hosting that is not manageable by all. Recognizing the need hosting companies introduced WordPress hosting services as a solution.

MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting

MilesWeb provides exceptional cheap WordPress hosting services for WordPress users. The plans for their WordPress hosting are identical to the shared hosting and add more value to it.

What do you Get?

Designed for WordPress: MilesWeb preconfigures WordPress application for its users to make management of websites easier. They induct various certified themes and plugins with WordPress installation for your websites. It minimizes the efforts to set up WordPress and configure its settings for optimum performance.

Automatic Upgrading: A software application at the backend of your site automatically upgrades your WordPress to the latest version. MilesWeb has a team of technical professionals that actively install new releases and updates critical to your WordPress website. The plugins and other applications are updated as soon as the upgrades are released. You don’t need to check and install updates manually.

Fully Managed: MilesWeb fully manages your WordPress hosting in the background. They take care of the server maintenance, configurations and other tasks so that you focus on your website and business. Their expert team handles the technical aspects like upgrades, server optimization, tweaking PHP versions and even monitoring.

Free Domain: You get one free .COM domain with the WordPress hosting’s one or three years of Swift or Turbo plan. Also, there is one free .SHOP domain with the one or three years of Tyro plan. The domain name is absolutely free for the first year of the service, after which renewal charges are applied for the continuation of the service. It is still a sweet deal that is too tempting to be missed.

Dedicated Customer Support: WordPress hosting with MilesWeb comes with customer support dedicated solely to service its WordPress users. The executives are certified WordPress experts and can deal with any WordPress and hosting issues you have. Of course, the support is available 24/7 all the year.

To Sum it Up

Shared hosting and WordPress hosting are sibling services where WordPress has added benefits and features. WordPress hosting is exclusive to WordPress websites and is very compatible with the business websites of SMEs.

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